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We're a singing school based in Orange County and Los Angeles County whose goal it is to teach you the styles and techniques you want to learn. We shape well-rounded musicians out of all sorts of people: young, not-so-young, pre-professional, and casual.

Vocal coaching is our specialty, but we're more than happy to provide you with top-notch guitar and piano lessons.

We can honestly say we've taught students all across the board, including ones who sang on Broadway, rocked out in metal, country, rock, and pop bands, attended Berklee School of Music, and performed on the Disney Channel.

But this isn't about their journey, it's about yours.

The Molly's Music Philosophy

You learn best when you tackle the genres and repertoire you enjoy

Music education shouldn't be about stuffing students into tidy, predesigned boxes. It should revolve around evaluating the student's goals and building curriculum for the individual. The only 'right' way to sing is the way that allows you to healthily pursue the style you enjoy.

Musical proficiency encompasses more than rote and good technique

A truly proficient musician is creative, can reason about music, and possesses real-world skills on top of technical know-how. We develop the whole artist. We not only give students solid musical foundations, but we encourage them to experiment with song interpretation and songwriting if they desire. Depending on your end goals, you may choose to learn extra-musical skills like microphone technique, recording, audition preparation, and stage performance.

Happy teachers mean happy students

As a company, we believe that we have two customers: our students and our teachers. By treating our teachers with the respect and fairness they deserve, we get to pick from cream-of-the-crop applicants and provide the best possible music education to our students.

A Few Reasons Why Our Teachers are the Best

Our teachers have one or more college degrees related to music. We didn't really intend for that to happen, but the more we interviewed, the more it seemed music graduates had a more rounded understanding of the field in general.

Each one of our Molly's Music teachers on staff receive thorough background checks, and go through an extensive interview process. The safety and security of our students is very important to us — and it should be important to you.

All of our music teachers are voice teachers. Most of them are also experts at another instrument. We became a singing-centric institution organically, when it dawned on us that voice is the central element to so many musical domains.

They excel in everything from Bel Canto opera to electronica and most things in between. We can accommodate almost any genre you like, but we're not afraid to tell you if we can't (we're still working on finding someone who can teach healthy Tuvan throat singing).

Since we regularly host free music pedagogy workshops for them, they are constantly changing and improving. Music is always changing, and so should music pedagogy. Think of music pedagogy as a means to an end—a toolbox you can use to attain the sound you want. We are always developing new tools to achieve new sounds and styles.

Our teachers are reliable. A predictable lesson schedule is just as important for our students’ progress as a musically gifted instructor, so during the hiring process, we look for reliability as much as we assess music background. We know the stereotype about unreliable musicians, but believe it or not, dependable rock stars are out there, and we’ve tracked them down for you!

About Our Services

No matter where you want music to take you, your Molly's Music journey starts with a personal music advisor. Your advisor is your compass, and will bend over backwards to make sure you have a path that fits your exact needs. And, just like a compass, you'll refer to your music coordinator on a regular basis to make sure you're still moving in the right direction.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in your home, online, or at our Orange and Costa Mesa studios. Whether you'd prefer having your music teacher come to you (what could be more convenient?) or would rather enjoy the recording equipment and professional environment that studio lessons afford, we've got you covered. We offer private voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and a variety of other instruments.

Self-Accompaniment on an Instrument

Want to learn to accompany yourself on an instrument? We can train your voice, and give you the instrumental and coordinative foundation you need to sing and play. Many students use one lesson slot for both vocal and instrument coaching.

Songwriting Coaching

We have teachers with extensive experience in writing and music composition. Songwriting is a unique blend of creativity, music theory, and technical knowhow. We can get you started on the road to understanding song structure, chord relationships, and lyricism. You provide the inspiration.

Performance Technique

What good is knowing how to sing or shred when you can't show off your skills on stage? Performance technique isn't only crucial to those who want to perform their music, it's also fundamental to public speaking and leadership. We'll will help you banish stage fright and get you shredding in no time.

Audition Preparation

Auditions are a subset of performance, but they require a set of skills all on their own. Learn to choose the most flattering passages, how to cut music, how to confidently answer interview questions, and generally how to navigate these intensely stressful situations.

Microphone Technique

Learning how to sing with a microphone is important if you're planning on performing or recording. Heck, it's not a bad idea for your local karaoke night either. We'll teach you things like how to modify consonants to avoid pops, where to hold the mic, and how to get the tone you want.

Out Loud

We have a lot to say about music teaching, how we go about it, and why. If you want to know (way) more about us and why we do what we do, then this is the place to find it. Warning, information overload ahead!

OC Glee

To give 8 to 17-year-olds a chance to socialize, harmonize, and perform, we formed OC Glee. The group performs music from a range of genres. Most of the songs they sing are nominated by the members, and voted on. Find them singing their hearts out all over Southern California.

Sound Recording

We have a professional-quality recording studio at our Orange location. If we're advertising 'the whole package,' we think it's important to provide students with facilities to learn recording techniques, record demos, and put out the occasional Mother's Day medley.

Molly Gutman Webb

About Molly Gutman Webb

Molly's Music was founded by Molly Webb, a singer and pianist whose musical journey spans 2.5 decades, with stops along the way to sing for the pope, pass Certificate of Merit at the highest level, study with Gwen Verdon and Ben Vereen, and record an original album. Her experience was anything but linear, bouncing from classical to contemporary to theatrical spheres, on three corners of the United States, with uncountable mentors. It became her mission to provide students with the opportunity to get such a flexible education in one place. And so here we are. READ FULL BIO

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