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Brea will always be special to us because of the exciting performance opportunities there. Not only have our music students performed at the Brea Senior Center, for a kind, welcoming audience, but we have memorable caroling experiences in the famously festive Brea Eagle Hills area. One year, a traveling keyboard player joined up with our children’s performance group, OC Glee, like some wild west troubadour, and they all performed together on the street, unrehearsed and drew quite the crowd! Another year, they had a difficult time holding onto their sheet music because of the goat that kept trying to escape from its nativity scene. I kid you not—a goat!

Voice Lessons – Brea



If you’re thinking of taking voice lessons in Brea, you’re in good company. Broadway stars Stephanie J. Block and Alli Mauzey, as well as Metallica musician James Hetfield and Lawrence Welk singer Norma Zimmer all lived in Brea. Molly’s Music offers in-studio singing lessons, complete with professional-grade recording equipment, in the nearby city of Orange.

If having vocal lessons in your home sounds more manageable with your busy schedule, we also offer in-home music lessons in Brea. Your vocal instructor will tailor your lessons to your interests, working with you to develop a program that has you singing the styles you’re most moved by. Our Brea voice teachers often successfully work with students auditioning for Stagelight Productions at the Brea Curtis Theatre.


Guitar Lessons – Brea



Students are often inspired to take guitar lessons in Brea because of the wide variety of small venues offering live music. From Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen in downtown Brea, to TAPs Fishhouse, to the blues offered at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ, there is no shortage of places to find entertainment in Brea.

Your guitar teacher will help you choose among a variety of styles, including pop, blues, jazz, or singer-songwriter. Because the majority of our guitar instructors are also vocal instructors, we’ll gladly set you up with a teacher who can help you accompany yourself while you sing. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a better instrument than the guitar if you want to join the live music scene in Brea.


Piano Lessons – Brea



While the guitar may be the singer-songwriter instrument of choice for most people, the piano is the ideal instrument for learning the fundamentals of music. Because the piano is the perfect starter instrument, we offer beginning piano lessons (or keyboard lessons, if that’s your style), all the way through pre-professional lessons.

You can opt to take studio piano lessons in Orange or at-home piano lessons in Brea. The best part is, Molly’s Music specializes in artist development and can help you combine piano and voice lessons to get you ready for those TAPs gigs.




Why We Love Brea



The buzzing Birch Street Promenade is a fun place to hang out on a Saturday night, both for live music and good food.

• The Brea Mall is one of the most fun, classy shopping areas in North Orange County

• Along with Irvine, Brea features one of the top comedy clubs in OC, The Brea Improv

• You can’t beat the community feel of Eagle Hills

The Brea Curtis Theatre is a beautiful performance venue

• The excellent school district has a wonderful arts program


City of Brea City Seal

Fun Fact: When our founder, Molly, was 7-years-old, she played Molly in Annie, while Alli Mauzey (former Brea resident and current Broadway star) played the role of July. It was Molly’s first role in a non-children’s theatre production.

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