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Laguna Beach is, arguably, Orange County's most artistic city, not just for its thriving music scene, but for its arts and crafts, dance, and theatre as well. Many of our Laguna Beach families drive to our Costa Mesa studio for music lessons and even participate in our children’s performing group OC Glee. However, we know that access to a freeway can be challenging from Laguna, and this is why we make it easy for you by offering in-home music lessons in Laguna Beach.

Vocal Lessons – Laguna Beach



With the many singing opportunities the city offers, its no wonder so many students contact us for professional voice lessons in Laguna Beach. Many of the kids we work with participate in the Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre and the Gallimaufry, along with other performance venues throughout the county.

At Molly’s Music, our singing lessons are adapted to the strengths and interests of individual students, so whether you’re trying out for a musical at the No Square Theatre, preparing for your Juilliard audition, or simply having fun busking on Greeter’s Corner, we’re here to make it happen!

Piano Lessons – Laguna Beach



As with singing lessons, you can choose to take piano lessons at home or out of our Costa Mesa studio, which has a beautiful Kawai grand piano. There is plenty around the city to inspire our piano students, including the many music concerts put on by Laguna Beach Live! The city is filled with classical and contemporary music concerts alike, and it is one of the best places in Orange County to become immersed in the world of instrumental music. When we teach piano lessons in Laguna Beach, we tailor them to our students’ interests. Whether you’re looking for a more classical or a more contemporary bent, or a combination of both, we’ll help create a piano program for you that’s sure to both motivate and challenge you.


Guitar Lessons – Laguna Beach



The guitar is a unique instrument in that it’s just as at home on the beach as it is in a concert hall. Laguna Beach provides both settings for guitarists. You can find musicians strumming the guitar on the sandy shore, but it’s as likely that you’ll find them playing at the Laguna Beach Music Festival.

With so many opportunities for guitarists and guitar enthusiasts, it’s unsurprising that guitar lessons in Laguna Beach are one of our most popular options. It doesn’t matter if your interest lies more in strumming campfire tunes, in shredding guitar solos, or in forming the next classical guitar quartet. We have you covered.


Why We Love Laguna Beach



What don’t we love about Laguna Beach? Not only is it right on the Pacific and full of great restaurants, stores, and sunshine, but it’s also one of the most artistic communities in Orange County:

• Home to Pageant of the Masters, where life imitates art.

• The Art-A-Fair Festival, for fine art

Laguna Craft Guild, to allow Laguna Beach artists to sell their art to the public

Sawdust Festival, the renowned summer arts and crafts festival

• The No Square Theatre, Laguna Beach’s nonprofit community theater

• The Laguna Playhouse, featuring everything from children’s theater to traveling professional shows

Laguna Beach

City of Laguna Beach Seal

Fun Fact: Our studio manager Sarah R’s dad regularly busks in Laguna Beach, jamming with other musicians on Greeter’s Corner.


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