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Laguna Hills, and it's neighbor, Laguna Woods, are wonderful places to live, made even better by their proximity to the artistic Laguna Beach Community. Because it can be a challenge driving in and out of the area (and, honestly, why would you want to leave?) in-home music lessons in Laguna Hills are our most popular option there.


Voice Lessons – Laguna Hills



Our vocal students come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Many are interested in singing rock and pop, while others enjoy musical theatre and classical voice lessons. We adjust our instruction to the interests of the individual student, helping them to discover what they’re most passionate about learning. Students sign up for singing lessons in Laguna Hills for a multitude of reasons, but often to help them participate in the Laguna Beach arts scene. Both the Laguna Playhouse and the No Square Theatre are popular audition and performance spots for our students.



Piano Lessons – Laguna Hills



Have a gorgeous piano sitting in your living room and no one to play it? It’s a common story. Even if this isn’t the case for you, the piano is the instrument we most recommend as a starter instrument for young kids as an introduction to music fundamentals. Its linear layout of keys makes it perfect for teaching the musical alphabet.

As with singing lessons, we tailor our piano instruction to our students’ interests. Some choose a classical approach, while others just want to be able to accompany themselves on their favorite pop song. Our students in the area sometimes choose to drive to our Costa Mesa studio in order to take lessons on our beautiful Kawai grand piano, but most opt for the comfort and convenience of in-home piano lessons in Laguna Hills.



Guitar Lessons – Laguna Hills



The guitar is a popular instrument everywhere, but this is especially true in the Laguna area. It’s hard to imagine a much better instrument for busking in Laguna Beach, and it’s perfect for sitting around a beach campfire with and bringing a group of friends together. Because we offer both private and group guitar lessons at our Irvine location, many people choose to take the short 15-minute drive to our studio at the Woodbridge Village Center. In-home guitar lessons in Laguna Hills are a popular choice as well.

Whether you’re looking for acoustic or electric guitar lessons, whether you’re more of a rock star, more of a singer-songwriter, or something in between, we’ll find you with a teacher who can help you meet your goals.



Why We Love Laguna Hills



Laguna Hills has been home to a surprising number of famous musicians, including Aloe Blacc and Whitney Houston. It’s not very difficult to see why people love it. Plus, it's filled with lush parks and recreation for the whole family to enjoy.

South Coast Symphony plays in Laguna Hills, at the acoustically magnificent Crossline Church.

• It has some great schools, including Laguna Hills High School.

• The beautiful Hills Hotel often offers live music.

• The Laguna Hills Mall, with its restaurants and movie theater, is a great place to spend a day.

• You can't beat the gorgeous weather and proximity to Laguna Beach.

Laguna Hills

City of Laguna Hills Seal

Fun Fact: One of the gems of the Laguna Hills Mall is its used bookstore.

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