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Riverside is the home of our newest studio. Run by one of our top music teachers, Anne, out of her in-home music studio near UC Riverside, we offer voice, piano, and guitar lessons. You may even get to say “hello” to her beautiful cat, Dama, while you’re there.

Voice Lessons – Riverside



Voice lessons are our specialty at Molly’s Music. Anne is a classically trained musician who regularly performs with local opera companies, including Riverside Lyric Opera, but she has a strong background in musical theatre and pop as well. In fact, she runs our annual Pop Star Camp in Newport Beach.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching singing and encourage our students to work on the music they love most. If you take voice lessons in Riverside with Anne, you’re sure to get vocal instruction that’s both healthy and fun, not to mention a singing teacher who will bend over backward to make sure you improve.


Guitar Lessons – Riverside



Anne has a background in classical guitar and can work with students on healthy guitar technique and music theory. To motivate her students, she gets them playing music they love right off the bat, helping them strum chords to their favorite songs, and even teaching them to sing along while they play if that's something that interests them.

Because we’re an artist development school and love giving our students a holistic approach to the music industry, we encourage our students to self-accompany, develop their own style, and perform out in the community. If you’re taking guitar lessons in Riverside, consider performing at one of the local open mic nights at Back to the Grind Coffee House, or the Hideaway Cafe.


Piano Lessons – Riverside



Not only does Anne teach piano lessons in Riverside, but she has also taught and trained piano teachers who’ve worked in a variety of local schools. Our philosophy for piano teaching, as with singing and guitar lessons, is that students should work toward playing music that they love.

While classical piano lessons are certainly an option at our school, we’re just as happy to work with students on chordal accompaniment to get them singing and playing their favorite music right away. Whether you’re more inspired by Mozart and Liszt, or John Legend and Adele, we have you covered.




Why We Love Riverside



When thinking about Riverside, people often reference the beautiful landscape, but many don’t realize that the city is home to a thriving community of working artists.

UC Riverside has both a theater and a music program that draws local performers and out-of-towners alike.

• There are a variety of local venues for budding commercial musicians to perform, including Back to the Grind Coffee House and the Hideaway Cafe.

• For opera lovers, Riverside Lyric Opera (where Anne often performs) is one of the most celebrated in Southern California, and attracts some of the best talent in the region.

• Musical Theatre performers and appreciators are covered too, with Music Theatre Riverside and Performance Riverside at Riverside City College.

• The beautiful Mission Inn always attracts a variety of fun musical performances, including Christmas carolers during the Festival of Lights.

• If you’re not quite ready for performing at local venues, you might want to start with some karaoke at Been There Sung That.


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