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Sarah is a primarily self-taught musician that grew up on school and church choirs, oldies radio, and pop-punk bands. Coming from a musical family, she took lessons on her grandmother’s piano, played drums on her dad’s 70s-era set, and “borrowed” her mom’s guitar so she could sing to the indie/alt songwriter styles of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.

Sarah spent her college years tutoring groups at John Glenn High School and coordinating events at her university. After graduating in 2010, she briefly volunteered with the OC Music Awards. Sarah then worked with an arts education NGO for a year both in their office, and in their classes and camps. Throughout this time, she taught privately and performed at open mic nights, before going on to take a few semesters of music classes at OCC.

Sarah began teaching private lessons at Molly’s Music in early 2012, and spent a year leading OC Glee. Sarah’s primary role is now in the office, supporting both students and teachers through the process of getting started and past the obstacles of busy schedules! The students she does take can expect to choose songs from a variety of genres while learning fundamentals of theory, ear training and sight reading, as desired. Sarah mentors students to stay inspired by jamming with others, making youtube videos, and attending local open-mic nights and recitals!


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Without music life would be a mistake.

– Fredrich Nietzche

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