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12 Places to do Musical Theatre in Orange County (for all ages)

About 2 years ago, we gave you a list of children’s theatres in Orange County, that is, theatre groups intended only for children to perform in. But because we work with plenty of adult performers as well, I thought it was time we gave you some places in Orange County adults could audition as well. Here are 12 places to do musical theatre in Orange County. Both regional theatre groups (professional playhouses) and community theaters are represented on this list.

1. Fullerton Civic Light Opera

Based, unsurprisingly, in Fullerton, FCLO is a regional theater that uses both equity and non-equity performers.

2. Mysterium Theater

Based in La Habra, the Mysterium Theater is a community theater.

3. No Square Theater

Though based in Laguna Beach, the No Square Theater has no permanent home, instead moving from venue to venue. It’s also a non-equity playhouse.

4. Costa Mesa Playhouse

Obviously based in Costa Mesa, the Costa Mesa Playhouse is a 73-seat, nonprofit community theater.

5. Rose Center Theater

The Rose Center Theater, based in Westminster, is a venue that has its own in-house community theatre production company.

6. One More Productions

Based at the Gem Theater in Garden Grove, One More Productions is a community theatre production company.

7. Musical Theatre Orange County

Musical Theatre Orange County, or MTOC, is a theatre company based in Anaheim that focuses on youth. Although it casts adults in adult roles, the shows are family oriented and gives youth performers the chance to work with more experienced actors.

8. 3D Theatricals

3D Theatricals is a professional Orange County theatre group that puts on performances in Cerritos, Fullerton, and Redondo Beach.

9. Chance Theater

Based in Anaheim, the Chance Theater is a paying theatre company that has won multiple local-theater awards.

10. Musical Theatre Village

Musical Theatre Village, or MTV, is a community theatre based in Irvine. It requires cast fees in order to run.

11. Attic Community Theater

Based in Santa Ana, the Attic Community Theate puts on both youth and adult productions.

12. Curtis Theatre

The Curtis Theatre is a Brea theatre company that puts on its own shows. It also has a youth theatre that puts on shows there.


  1. Laguna Niguel Community Theatre: Though based in Laguna Niguel, the Laguna Niguel Community Theater has no permanent home, instead moving from venue to venue. It’s also a non-equity playhouse committed to high quality productions. http://www.lagunanigueltheatre.org. Guys & Dolls auditions May 22 & 23.

    • Thanks so much for the update, Jennifer!


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