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5 Musical Youtube Stars You Need to See

Becoming a musical Youtube star is no easy feat. Because Youtube is such a great way for musicians of all kinds to record and share their work without needing much equipment, garnering viewers requires some serious creativity and talent. To get millions of views, Youtube stars have done everything from crafting unique cover versions of popular songs to making elaborate music videos involving thousands of multicolored jellybeans (no joke!). The following 5 Youtube stars have managed to stand out among the competition, each with their own viral style and unique musical talent. We hope they inspire you to hit record and share your own music with the world, one click at a time!

1. Kina Grannis | In Your Arms

We weren’t kidding when we said someone made a magical music video with thousands of jellybeans. Here’s Kina Grannis with her original song and candy-coated video, “In Your Arms.”

2. Karmin | Brokenhearted

Don’t worry, if you want to be a Youtube star you don’t have to spend months on end, rearranging jellybeans for your video. Instead, you could be like the pop/hip-hop duo Karmin who artfully rearrange lyrics, not candy.

3. Boyce Avenue | Mirrors (by Justin Timberlake)

Next up is Boyce Avenue, a band comprised of three brothers who share a noteworthy knack for making music. Here they are covering Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” along with Fifth Harmony.

4. Jayme Dee | Pumped Up Kicks (by Foster the People)

Jayme Dee is proof that becoming a Youtube star doesn’t require flashy costumes or expensive special effects. In this video she relies on pure creativity and musicianship to get people to swing by her Youtube page.

5. Pomplamoose | Another Day

Last on our list is Pomplamoose, a truly special Youtube group who uses just about anything as an instrument in order to create a delightfully quirky sound. Enjoy!

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