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5 Pop Songs to Sing at a Wedding

With wedding season in full throttle, I was inspired to write a post about pop songs to sing at a wedding. We’ve all heard the old favorites, “The Way You Look Tonight,” “At Last,” and “Unforgettable,” to name a few, and those are some great songs. But if you’re looking for something a little more current for the next wedding and want to stray away from the standards, here are some great choices.

1. “Marry Me,” by Train

Hopefully the groom at this wedding got the nerve to say hello to her at the cafe, since it looks like the deal’s been sealed.

2. “Marry You,” by Bruno Mars

Similar names, different songs. If you were a Glee fan, you might have some nostalgia for all the Glee kids, including Cory Monteith, dancing down the aisle to this one.

3. “Still Into You,” by Paramore

If you’re looking for a pop song with a little more of an edge, consider this one. It verges a little more on alternative, but don’t worry, all the lyrics are wedding friendly.

4. “Make You Feel My Love,” by Adele

Adele isn’t usually known for her love songs (more for her intense breakup songs), but this Bob Dylan cover of hers is a stunning.

5. “Cant Help Falling in Love,” by Haley Reinhart

Yeah, yeah. I know that this one is by Elvis and has been sung at a billion weddings, but it’s gained popularity again with a variety of breathy indie-pop cover versions, maybe most notably Haley Reinhart and Ingrid Michaelson.

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