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5 Reasons to Take Music Lessons as an Adult

Ever wish you could sing or play an instrument but thought you had missed the boat on it by not starting as a kid? Look, we get it. It can be daunting to sign up for lessons when you see music academies advertising that it’s high time you get your 4-year-old into piano. But take it from me, it’s never too late to start. Adult students who’ve never sung outside the shower or touched an instrument before have become some of my most successful, cherished students. There is so much to recommend starting lessons later in life. Here are just 5 reasons to take music lessons as an adult.

1. You’ll Probably Pick It Up Faster

We’ll be able to communicate with you like you’re, well, an adult! That means for singing lessons we’ll be able to teach you more professional terminology right off the bat, and it means that when we’re showing you how to read music, you’ll already have had the alphabet under your belt for many, many years. It means you’ve had more years of tuning your ear to what you like and don’t like and will be able to ask the right questions. And it means that you have the maturity to understand the “why” of what you’re being asked to do.

2. It Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Learning how to play an instrument as an adult, like learning a foreign language, keeps your brain youthful. It’s been known to stave off dementia by keeping you alert for longer, but long before dementia has the possibility of setting in, it keeps you sharper and improves your quality of life.

3. You’ll Get More Out Of It

We love working with kids, but let’s be honest. Not all of them come to lessons because they want to be there. Sometimes it’s because their parents know they’ll appreciate it later. When you take music lessons as an adult, you want to be there, you know what you want to work on, and your attention span is longer. Just these facts alone mean that you’ll get more out of it than you would have if you had been brought to lessons as a little kid. Walking into your lesson knowing that you love Elton John and that your goal is to accompany yourself on Elton John songs will motivate you and give you and your teacher something to work toward right away. People tend to pour more energy and enthusiasm into things that they choose, as opposed to things they’re made to do, and the fact that you’re choosing to take lessons yourself will help you excel.

4. It’s a Stress Reliever

Now more than ever, you need an outlet for stress relief. When you’re a kid, the right school will give you plenty of time for catharsis and self-expression: creative writing, choir, the school play… The need for that doesn’t just go away as an adult, and yet as an adult, it’s increasingly difficult to carve out time for these outlets. Music lessons are the perfect place to relieve stress and awaken that dormant ability to be artistic.

5. It Builds Community

Ever find that it’s tough making friends once you’re out of school? Learning to sing or play an instrument is a great way to meet like-minded people at any age. Think of the possibilities: You can join a choir, start a band, or if nothing else, play Christmas carols for everyone at the next holiday party you attend. It’s hard to think of something that brings people together more than music.

Have you started music lessons as an adult? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments section!

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