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5 Songs for Your Thanksgiving Playlist

by Oct 30, 2018Cool Music Finds0 comments

It’s always important to practice gratitude, but now that November is rolling in, it’s especially nice to reflect on the parts of our lives that we’re thankful for. Here are 5 songs about gratitude to add to your Thanksgiving playlist. For 10 more, check out one of our older Thanksgiving posts for some additional ideas.

Thank You for being a friend

Set to some fun retro piano music, this Andrew Gold song is such a sweet, lovely sentiment. You may remember it from Golden Girls.

Thank U

I was such a huge Alanis fan when I was younger. She helped me deal with difficult teenage emotions, like vulnerability and angst. But in this one she’s simply grateful for the many challenging things that taught her more about herself.

In My Life

One of my all-time favorites, this wonderful Beatles song is about gratitude for all the friends and lovers who’ve come and gone in our lives, but especially for the ones in our lives right now.

Danny’s Song

This touching Kenny Loggins song about a new family always makes me smile.

Thank YOu

“Thank you for letting me be myself” are the chorus lyrics to this Sly and the Family Stone gem.

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