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It’s no surprise that a cappella singing makes a special appearance during the holidays. Without the accompaniment of instruments, a cappella performers can capture both the jolly energy of celebration and the beautiful stillness of wintertime. While some things are best stored away for 11 months of the year, a cappella singing—and peanut brittle, yum!—should be around all the time. Luckily, there are singers making sure that we don’t have to wait for holiday choirs and carolers to show up in shopping malls to hear the awe-inspiring sounds of a cappella music. In case you need an extra dose of a cappella, we’ve brought together some of the best acts around, from the quirky and fun to the angelic and emotional. We hope these artists inspire you to take up your microphone and try some of the unique techniques they use to create a band without any instruments!

Rockapella | Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

Kicking off our list is Rockapella, an old-school group with fresh new tricks, like the spectacular drum-less drum solo in this performance. It’s hard not to smile watching this group have so much fun singing about Carmen Sandiego!

Mike Tompkins | Rolling in the Deep

Next check out Mike Tompkins who shows us that you don’t need a group to create a full a cappella sound. Be sure to watch after the song ends to see how he methodically crafted this track.

Pentatonix | Little Drummer Boy

When it comes to instrument-less performances, Pentatonix is peerless in their ability to transform any song into a noteworthy number.

Noteworthy | Without You/I Will Wait

Speaking of noteworthy performances, this next group—appropriately named—makes an angelic medley out of some popular tunes.

The Voca People | Medley

What? You want a quirky-fun a cappella mash-up of a bunch of songs performed by people wearing white swim caps? We’ve got just the thing: The Voca People.

Pentatonix | Evolution of Music

As a send-off, we’ve got another Pentatonix song; they’re just that good. Embark on this epic journey through the evolution of music and enjoy!

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