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If you’re preparing for a musical theatre audition, you probably want to bring along some music that the audition panel hasn’t heard 500 times that day. Unless otherwise specified, you probably want to leave behind songs like “Popular,” “On My Own,” and “Memory.” I know they’re fun to sing, but a lot of other people think so too, and it’s a big plus to bring something the helps you stand out from the crowd. So here are 10 musical theatre audition songs that aren’t overdone. I’m also looking specifically for music for a variety of ages and voice types.

1. Winter’s on the Wing

“The Girl I Mean To Be” and “How Could I Ever Know” might be tired choices for a musical theatre audition, but “Winter’s on the Wing” from The Secret Garden is a beautiful song both lyrically and musically, and is one you don’t hear that often.

What the Song is Perfect For

The song is best for tenors whose voices have already changed, but if you’re a boy whose voice isn’t done changing, it’s high enough that you still might be able to get away with it. Choose this song as a contemporary audition piece and as a  mid to uptempo song.

2. Soon It’s Gonna Rain

Lots of voice teachers will steer away from “Much More” for major auditions (it’s an unbelievable song, and many others have recognized this). However, “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” is a stunning classic Broadway song from The Fantasticks as well. It might not be the same crowd pleaser “Much More” is, but I love this one for its poetic words and its lyrical and dreamy quality.

What the Song is Perfect For

This one is a great audition song for both soprano women and tenor men. One thing I love about this show is its versatility. You can use The Fantasticks for classical Broadway auditions, but there’s a timeless quality to it that makes the music hold up and fare well at a variety of auditions. This particular song from the show fits the ballad category.

3. Spark of Creation

Leave Wicked at home. For a great Stephen Schwartz song from a lesser-known musical, consider “Spark of Creation” from Children of Eden. I like giving this one to my students because the range is manageable, the pace makes it fun to sing, the music has a contemporary vibe that’s easy to get into, and the lyrics bubble with joy without being treacly. Children of Eden has made it onto some “overused song” lists, especially because of the eruption of popularity of Wicked, but the two shows aren’t really in the same realm when it comes to overuse.

What the Song is Perfect For

This song is perfect for girls or women doing a contemporary musical theatre audition. It can qualify as a mid-tempo or uptempo.

4. Come Back With the Same Look in Your Eyes

You’ll probably want to stay away from “Memory,” but if you’re dying to do an Andrew Lloyd Webber song, consider “Come Back With the Same Look in Your Eyes,” from Song and Dance. It’s a lesser-known show (although “Unexpected Song” and “Tell Me on a Sunday” are pretty popular), and has a pop-theatre feel to it. Skip the fake British accent.

What the Song is Perfect For

This song is a mid-tempo on the poppier side of Broadway, but it’s a fairly versatile song. The end shows off your legit soprano chops, while the rest of it sits in a comfortable theater mix for most women.

5. Does Anybody See What I See

I know you love Hamilton, but that’s way too popular and current for an audition right now. If you want to keep the American Revolution theme, you can look back to 1776 and sing John Adams’ biggest number.

What the Song is Perfect For

This one is another pretty versatile one. It has a fairly contemporary feel but was written in the 1960’s, so you can probably get away with a range of shows for it. Don’t pick this one if you can’t go big with it and really sell it.

6. Melodie de Paris

I know how it goes. You can’t get enough of The Phantom of the Opera, and you can really crush that high note in “Think of Me.” While that’s very impressive, you really don’t want to show up for an audition with that show. Instead, you might want to look into Maury Yeston’s lesser-known The Phantom. Similar story, different show. Here’s a lovely soprano one for you to check out. “Home” is probably the most overused song in this show, but it’s nowhere near where The Phantom of the Opera is in popularity.

What It’s Perfect For

This one is a beautiful soprano song you can use if you’re auditioning for an ingenue. It’s a soprano mid to uptempo that shows your legit voice and your youthful exuberance.

7. Noah Down the Stairs

It’s not an easy feat finding audition songs for boys, because there just aren’t that many. Because girls’ voices change in less drastic ways, girls can sing songs meant for teens and young adults, whereas boys don’t have the same luxury. The go-to ones, like Oliver are overused. Try this beautiful one from Caroline, or Change.

What It’s Perfect For

This lovely ballad is perfect for boys whose voices haven’t yet changed.

8. I’ll Forget You

They say you shouldn’t bring in Frank Wildhorn songs, but it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to be seeing a lot of this song at an audition. It’s from the concept album of The Scarlet Pimpernel, so it didn’t make it into the book of highlights that’s easy to find.

What It’s Perfect For

If you’re looking for a moody contemporary belt ballad, stay away from “On My Own,” and look here instead. I promise, there won’t be much competition.

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