8 Reasons You Should Record Your Own Holiday Album This Season

If gift ideas have you stumped this winter, consider recording your own holiday album. It’s something both friends and family will enjoy. And by “enjoy,” I mean your grandmother will be handing them out like Halloween candy to all the neighbors. All kidding aside, here are eight reasons you should get thee to a recording studio this season:

1. Recording a holiday album is something you, your friends, and your relatives will cherish.

Gifts that require time, effort, and talent burrow deeper into the hearts of loved ones than Starbucks mugs and hot chocolate mix.

2. It makes for a great first time in the studio

We’ll be coaching you in recording technique, because we want your album to sound great just as much as you do. It’s a perfect trial run for the next time you want to lay down a track

3. The holiday songs that pipe through Walmart all day long are getting more stale than year-old fruitcake

By the time the middle of December rolls around, all you’ll want for Christmas is for Mariah Carey to stop singing. Let’s get some new material out there.

4. It’s cost effective

Although the price may look formidable, if you give a CD away to two friends, two sets of grandparents, an aunt, and an uncle, you’re looking at a price as low as 16 bucks a present.

5. We don’t make you choose off a list of trite Christmas carols and Hanukkah songs

If you wrote your own song—cool—we’ll help you arrange and record it. If you want to sing three variations of “Jingle Bells,” like different Simpsons characters—erm, cool—we’ll help you arrange and record it. See where this is going?

6. We package your stuff

Give us a good picture of you, and that’s all we need to keep your album from looking like a 7th grader’s sharpie-laden mixtape.

7. We’ll do the mixing and mastering for you

We’re better than Garageband. Trust us.

8. It’s for all ages

Seriously. Okay, it’s not for babies, but holiday songs sung by teens and adults can be gorgeous and powerful, and holiday songs sung by 4-year-olds can be just about the most precious thing in the world. Why would we limit you?

If you’re interested, check out our formal offer here, or drop us a line at info@mollysmusic.org.

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