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Becoming a Nonprofit

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2016 was a great year for us. We expanded our teacher and student base, started working with some new schools, added more performance opportunities for our students, and most excitingly, merged our private teaching company into our nonprofit. Expanding our nonprofit will allow us achieve so many of our company goals that wouldn’t have been possible for us under the old structure.

Volunteer Work

Over the past year, we’ve volunteered at some great organizations, most notably, CHOC Hospital. We’ve had our students perform there, and more recently, we’ve had teachers run free classes and sing-alongs there. It’s been a blast, and we can’t wait to add regular music classes at CHOC into our monthly agenda.


A music education is expensive, and while we believe that music is the birthright of every child, the reality is that a quality music education is not always in reach for every child. Becoming a nonprofit will make it much easier for us to offer scholarships for private and group students, both in our studios and in the after-school programs we run.

Free Video Lessons

Part of our nonprofit expansion will move us into the digital world. In 2017, we’ll be creating instructional videos to help you work on vocals right from your computer, tablet, or phone. Pairing at-home study with in-person lessons is a great way to keep the cost of lessons low.

Working With Schools

As many of you know, we’ve already been working in schools and running after-school programs. Most notably, for the past few years we’ve been running Oakridge Private School’s entire in-school music program. Expanding our nonprofit will allow us to reach more schools and bring our services to more groups of students.

More Performance Opportunities

In 2017, we’ll be adding even more performance opportunities than we had before. At our 2016 Holiday Recital we, unfortunately, ran out of space and couldn’t accommodate everyone who wanted to participate. Well, starting this year we’ll be holding more mini recitals to ensure than everyone who wants to perform gets a chance.

Thanks to everyone who’s made 2016 a fantastic year for Molly’s Music! We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our amazing family of students!

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