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Boathouse Collective’s Songwriting Circle

This post was guest written by our wonderful Studio Manager, Sarah, who has been exploring fun new local venues for our students to perform at. Check out the video she took of the Boathouse Collective.

Every singer worth their salt knows that open mics are a great way to keep up your performance skills in between gigs, and an even better way to network with potential music partners and friends. We posted a few of our favorite open mic venues a few years back if you need a few ideas. However, not every open mic is equal. Boathouse Collective is one of Costa Mesa’s many up and coming newer restaurants, and it’s looking to create a musician’s space that moves beyond popular covers done by casual strangers, and instead grows a community of artists.

If you happen to enjoy a good drink or meal, there’s a lot to recommend this place.

They do things a little differently here. Every Tuesday the night gets a slow start around 7:30pm and settles into a rhythm by 8:00pm. The set list is usually full before the event, so rather than showing up and putting your name down, hopeful performers should shoot an email over in advance to sign up. Instead of a one-song limit, you are asked to share 3-4 songs on stage. And while the occasional cover always makes its way in, this is a songwriter’s circle, where musicians can share what they’ve made for the first time – or the fiftieth!

The owner, Clay Peterson, wants families to be welcome, so if you have kids feel free to bring them along. It’s primarily an adult line-up, but if your music speaks stronger than your age, then you’ll be welcome on stage. Live music is offered week-round, so feel free to come by anytime to check the space out. When you’re ready, you can email the organizer, Matt, at [email protected] Good luck to you!

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