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Molly’s Music Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Tree

If you or your better half loves music, boy do we have some creative Valentine’s gift ideas for you. We know we’d love to unwrap these musical gifts, so take a look, and give your lover something that’ll really pluck some heartstrings this year. “***” denotes some extra special touches.

Put together a guitar starter pack with personalized picks

Guitar lessons

If your S.O. has expressed an interest in guitar, put together a guitar accessory gift pack that includes some personalized guitar picks. There are services like Clayton Custom Guitar Picks that engrave or print pictures on guitar picks for a reasonable price. It’s a great way to create a practical and personal gift. Depending on your budget, you may want to choose all or some of the following items for your aspiring guitarist.

Electric tuner
Chord chart
Guitar strap
Guitar stand
Personalized Guitar picks

Buy Music Lessons for Your Better Half

well duh, did you really think we’d leave this one out?

Music Lessons

To us this one obvious. What better gift to give a hungry man than some fishing lessons, and what better gift to give a music lover than some voice, piano, or guitar lessons? If your S.O. loves listening to music, there’s no doubt he or she will love producing it.

Make sure you do some research into whether the music school or teacher offers lessons in your S.O.’s favorite genre, and don’t be afraid to ask a flood of questions before committing. And remember, if you live in the Orange County or LA area, be sure to include Molly’s Music in the running! …We like that sort of thing.

Buy a Subscription or a Gift Certificate to a Premium Tab or Sheet Music Service

Springtime of love sheet music

For an S.O. who already plays music, a subscription to an online sheet music or tab service can be invaluable. I can’t describe the sweet, sweet gratification that comes with printing a song out only seconds after deciding to play it. There’s no lugging to the store, no waiting for the mail, and these services often provide useful extras, like a way of playing and slowing down a midi rendition of the notation. My personal favorite services is Sheet Music Plus and Tab Pro (a premium version of Ultimate Guitar).

***If you want to really impress, print out a few songs that you know your S.O. likes, and a few you’d like to hear, and arrange them in a three-ring binder. Create a personalized cover for the binder, and you’ve just created an extra-special repertoire.***

Plan a Concert Date

Look at your local listings and get a pair tickets to a concert your S.O. would like to see. It doesn’t have to be as expensive and extravagant as a Lady Gaga concert to be special and enjoyable. Some of the best concerts happen in tiny venues where the artist can interact with fans.

***Make dinner reservations near the venue for the night of the concert. Make sure the reservations are for at least two hours before the start of the concert. If casual is more your style, make sure you know exactly where you’d like to eat, and make sure that you account for any wait there might be. Buying concert tickets for your S.O. is thoughtful, but planning a romantic evening around a concert demonstrates you’d take it upon yourself to remove any stress from a potentially logistics-laden night.***

Make a Romantic Playlist

You may think mixtapes are sad vestiges of your 7th grade emo phase, but they’re still great gift ideas if you make them with a little more finesse than you did when you slapped together Kansas and Dashboard Confessional. By mixtape of course, I mean the mixtape’s web 2.0 cousin, the romantic playlist, but the soul that goes into one is all the same.

There are a wide range of platforms and apps to build your playlist, and it all really depends on what you and your S.O. use to listen to music. Some suggestions include:

Mixtape for subscribers to Rdio or Spotify
A good ol’ fashioned CD or zip drive made from iTunes purchases

Once you’ve picked your platform, pick a theme. It could be as broad as “Songs for a Romantic Evening” or as specific as “Shall We Dance? R&B Songs for an Hour of Groovin.'”

Next, pick your songs. Search engines and forums are a great place to find some potentials, but definitely don’t haphazardly grab a bunch of songs from an existing playlist. This is your creation, and it’ll be obvious if you throw it together. Pick more songs than you actually want to include in your playlist, so you can scrap some if they don’t fit into the bigger scheme of things.

Now, start arranging the songs. It’s up to you how you want to arrange them, but here are some suggestions to make your playlist cohesive: If you intend to set a particular mood with your music, make sure the tempos of the songs don’t jump around too much, or you’ll be taking your lover on an emotional roller coaster. If you’re making a dance or activity playlist, alternate fast and slow songs to up the variety and ward off any monotony. The trick is to have a reason for arranging the songs the way you did. There ya go, that’s it. You’re ready to stand outside S.O’s bedroom window with a boombox held over your head.

***Take your mixtape to level Casanova by making a personal program to go with it. This could mean typing out the tracklist and writing a little summary about why you chose each song, or it could be an album cover with a romantic picture of the two of you.***

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