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Every Noise At Once Maps All the Genres You Know… And So Many You Don’t.

Sit down right now and spend the next two minutes writing out all the musical genres you know of…

…Okay, I trust you’ve faithfully done what I said. How many genres could you think of? Fifteen? Twenty? Twenty would be impressive.

Now let me show you ‘Every Noise At Once’: an interactive map of 467 musical genres, brought to you by a high-profile engineer named Glenn McDonald. The genres are arranged into a giant, meaningful cluster, where similar genres appear closer to one another. Clicking on a genre name plays a snippet representative of that genre. Clicking on the little arrow to the right of a genre name leads you to a more detailed map of artists within that genre.

‘Every Noise At Once’ is a great way to discover new music. Heck, it’s a great way to discover entire new bodies of music. Start at a genre you know and like, and click some surrounding ones—chances are, you’ll find something you enjoy. OR(!) go big and bold, and mouse over to some genre you never even knew existed. One thing for sure is you’ll have a hard time stopping once you start. Anyone up for some new weird America? How about nwobhm? How do you even say that?


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