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Some of Our Favorite Student Christmas Performances

by Nov 26, 2018News0 comments

Every December, our students are sure to deck our halls with a variety of festive and beautiful Christmas songs. While including all the good ones would be more than we could fit into one post, we decided to give you a small sample to jump start your holiday cheer.

It Is Christmas, by Kaia C.

Kaia has consistently wowed us over the years, not only with her phenomenal vocal and piano skills, but with her songwriting. Last year, we got to be some of the first to hear this lovely original Christmas song.

Let It Snow, by Makena H.

Who doesn’t love Makena’s sweet indie-styled vocals? She sounded perfect on this delightful rendition of “Let it Snow.” Her voice got better throughout this performance as her confidence grew, so watch to the end to hear what she’s truly capable of!

Christmas Time, by Ben and Daisy D.

One of my favorite all-time Christmas performances, this warming duet by the Dressel siblings never fails to make me smile. Listen to how well they blend!

Mary Did You Know, by Tatum B.

Tatum was only 5 in this video! She has a huge voice and a huge cute factor.

Holly, by Gabriella W.

Not a very high-quality video, but definitely a high-quality performance! “Holly” is another original song, this time written and sung by Gabriella.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, by Isaiah P.

Isaiah is our resident Frank Sinatra. He has such a gorgeous, rich voice and never ceases to amaze us.

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