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Five Attractions and Events in Costa Mesa We Can’t Do Without

Costa Mesa is one of the cultural centers of Orange County. There’s always something to do, whether it’s seeing a show at one of the most renowned performing arts centers in California, or having a lazy day at the park. Here are our favorite attractions in Costa Mesa.


South Coast Repertory Theater

As we speak, SCR is celebrating its 50th season. The organization (which has actually occupied four locations over its rich past), offers both great theater productions as well as theater education for all ages. They boast a huge array of plays and musicals throughout the year, including ones geared specifically for kids, and an annual performance of A Christmas Carol. SCR was also one of the places Molly developed her love for music, participating in both the kids camps way back when, and attending performances regularly.

SoBeCa District Art Walk

Every last Tuesday of the Month, The SOBECA (South on Bristol, Entertainment, Culture, Arts) District holds the SOBECA Art Walk. The walk itself spans The LAB, The CAMP, and several other local businesses, and exhibits vary from month to month. Enjoy it while Indian Summer is still in session! Facebook

Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Also known as the Orange County Performing Arts Center, the positive aspects of Segerstrom Center for the Arts is impossible to sum up in one short summary. Easily the most premier venue in Orange County, and rivaling the best venues in Los Angeles, SCFTA features stunning architecture and sculpture and meticulously-tuned acoustics. In the Summer, the center hosts outdoor movies, and throughout the year, you can marvel at everything from ballets, to operas, to Cirque Du Soleil, to plays and musicals. It certainly ranks as one of the reasons we’re proud to call Orange County a home. Website

Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony has been around for 40 years, and calls Segerstrom Concert Hall home base. The symphony performs everything from your go-to classical pops, to contemporary and experimental music. Like SCR, there’s something for everyone, including Family Musical Mornings, where children are introduced to playing and listening to classical music. The organization also hosts a number of other educational ventures like the Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra. Website

Fairview Park

What’s not to like about an oasis that boasts multiple streams and ponds, as well as a quiet and sprawling respite from the rest of Costa Mesa? Fairview Park seems to be a hub for quiet dog walkers, and niche interests alike. I read several separate accounts from kite enthusiasts, model plane fliers, and BMX riders. Oh, did I mention there’s a miniature train station there too? The park has everything a park should have; plus, it gets brownie points for being a water treatment site for the Santa Ana River. Sorry, no website at the time of writing. You’ll just have to visit it yourself!

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