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How to Introduce Your Child to Music

Playing With Xylophones, by Donnie Ray Jones under CC BY 2.0

Research has shown that children between the ages of 0 and 6-years-old are at a critical stage in their musical development. It’s important during this time, when a sense of pitch and a sense of rhythm are just being developed, to expose them to a variety of musical experiences. So what can you as parents do to help foster your young child’s musical development.

Music Education Begins at Home

A great musical education begins at home. From the time that your babies are born, they are already beginning to process music. So what’s your role in all this? Here’s how to introduce your child to music.

Make Music at Home

It doesn’t matter how good a musician you are. Your kids love to do what you do. If they hear you singing, they’ll want to sing. Even if it’s just clapping along with music at home, you’ll be helping your child’s musical development.

Encourage Your Children to Make Music Through Play!

Whether it’s dancing around to music with scarves or banging on pots and pans, let your children discover the joy of making music early on.

Talk to Your Kids About Music

When your children are pre-verbal, talk to them about a song the way you’d talk to them about other things in their life, letting them know what they’re listening to and why you like it. It may not seem like it, but everything you’re saying is shaping your kids’ understanding of what they’re hearing. When they’re old enough to talk to you, discuss the music with them. Tell them who’s making the music, and discuss the elements of it you both enjoy.

Be aware that even when your children don’t look like they’re paying attention, they’re still doing a whole lot of processing and learning, so let’s fill their lives with as much music as we can!

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