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How to Make Musical New Year’s Resolutions

The countdown is over, the ball has dropped, the New Year is here and you have probably made a few New Year’s resolutions for 2014. Maybe you seek to learn a new hobby—spelunking could be fun!—or maybe you want to cut back on binge-watching shows on Netflix—but there’s so much good stuff! Or maybe you want to make sure music is a big part of this upcoming year. While we whole-heartedly support you in all of your endeavors, we are here to give you some ideas for musical goals for 2014 since we don’t have much advice to give for spelunking. So here’s to a year of songful New Year’s resolutions and your continued musical evolution!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

No matter what musical goals you make for this year, remember to have fun with them. We’re not saying that becoming a better musician isn’t challenging at times or that it shouldn’t be taken seriously, we just think that keeping a positive attitude is the best way to overcome those tough and sometimes frustrating moments that come with growing as a singer or instrumentalist. The quickest way to burn out as a musician is to put so much pressure on yourself to practice that even the thought of lifting your instrument is a chore. In case you need a boost of musical positivity, let this guy’s drive-by singing put an infectious smile on your face!

Reflect on 2013

Sometimes the best way to create challenging yet achievable goals is to do some reflecting on the past. Take a minute, grab a pen, and brainstorm the things you excelled at in 2013—perhaps you expanded your vocal range—along with the things that gave you some trouble—maybe you need some added confidence to jump on stage to perform. Next, reflect on what inspired you throughout the last year so you can continue to fuel your inspiration in 2014. Was it a certain song or style of singing? Was it your family or friends or your emotions? Your pet goldfish? Whatever ignites your passion for music—whether it’s serious or silly—take note of it so you can harness it whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

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Challenge Yourself

Now that you have a good idea of what areas you want to work on in 2014, it’s time to make some tangible New Year’s resolutions. If you’re aching to branch out and try new styles of music, pick a few songs in a new style that challenge you. You might find out that you were born for this style or you might discover you don’t like it as much as what you’ve been performing; either way you will learn something about yourself as a musician. Or, if you aspire to develop your own style, choose a song to cover and make it your own: take liberties with the melody or the tempo, for example. If you want to get more stage confidence, book some performances at an open-mic at a local coffee shop and see how you do—remember, the audience is rooting for you. Bring some friends to cheer you on and if it is a success, try playing for a bigger room. Whatever your goals, we know you can succeed; just grab the mic and take the lead!


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