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Keep Creativity Close at Hand with iOS Songwriting App Hum


If you’ve ever written music before, you’ll know that creativity doesn’t wait until you’re sitting at the piano with a recorder in your hand. If you’re lucky, creativity strikes a sprint away from a pen and a napkin, on which you can scribble some representation of your melody down. If you’re not so lucky, your melody slips down the cerebral tube, even after you managed to infuriate all your neighbors on the bus, as you hummed it over and over again. Enter songwriting app-in-the-works, Hum, which hit e-fundraising platform, Kickstarter, this week.

Hum will be an iPhone app that keeps all your little fragments of songwriting inspiration in one place. At the current moment, using an iPhone to record your ideas means using a notes app for writing lyrics, a voice memo app for recording melodies (who wants their precious inspiration sandwiched between memos about when to pick their dog up from the groomers anyway?), and some other music tech apps for time keeping, tuning, etc.

For about 10 bucks, Hum consolidates audio memos, basic audio editing, lyric notes, a tuner, and a metronome into one package. After you’ve accumulated a library of songs or songs-in-progress, you can stay organized by sorting them by key, tuning, and mood.

Check out their app site, or go big, and give them a fiver on Kickstarter. Your muse will thank you later!

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