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Leading A Harmonic Life: The Remarkable Health Benefits Of Music

Written by Cassidy Klint

The following is written by music teacher and guest writer Cassidy Klint.

Children who play a musical instrument or are involved in music are better at paying attention and remembering things, according to Mitzi Baker of Stanford Medicine, so it isn’t surprising that so many parents sign their kids up for music instruction and classes. As it turns out, music also has other remarkable benefits that music practitioners like you can gain. So what parts of your life obtain holistic health advantages because of music?

Appetite And Lifestyle

The number of obese youth across the US has increased three times over since 1970, according to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention. As obesity is linked with lack of activity and excessive consumption of food, it’s in your best interest to be more active and eat the right amount of food. Music allows you to do both. A study from Georgia Tech University says that simply being surrounded by music curbs your appetite. An hour’s worth of singing (even while sitting down) allows you to burn around 100 calories. Dedicating yourself to your musical craft promotes a better way of living that keeps you physically fit. The routine and day-to-day schedules you keep, which can involve hours of rehearsals, give you an opportunity to lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

Empathy And Relationships

Musicians are often called sensitive individuals. Remarkably, this may be an unexpected holistic health benefit of music as well. Young people who take part in music programs show an enhanced capacity for empathy, according to data from a study by the University of Cambridge.  This can help you develop a stronger empathetic sense that benefits your relationships. Empathy enables you to pick up on little cues in the conversations that you have. A strong sense of empathy equips you for healthier social life, and ultimately, a healthier life as a whole.

Flourishing Physicality 

Music is an exercise in itself, and helps you unlock a healthier respiratory system. Singing or playing a wind instrument requires controlled breathing and lung power. Practicing music regularly can train your lungs to expand and improve their overall elasticity, according to the Lung Health Institute. The improved breathing control also gets your heart involved: as you work to control your breathing, your heart works harder to make sure that other parts of your body are getting sufficient oxygen and blood. In the end, you gain benefits that go beyond hitting the perfect note or the perfect pitch. You gain a healthier body to boot.

Music is more than just a great activity. It promotes a whole lifestyle that is rife with physical and holistic health benefits that you can continue to reap for years to come. So whether you’re a singer or part of a band, music can help you unlock a truly harmonic, full and truly healthy life.

Cassidy Klint

The following is written by music teacher and guest writer Cassidy Klint.


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