Molly’s Music Foundation

We’re extremely excited to announce the official launch of our 501(c)(3), the Molly’s Music Foundation. Our foundation has already been active in Oakridge Private School music for the past 2 years, offering in-school and after-school music classes.

The mission of our foundation is to make music lessons available to a wider range of kids, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access lessons. As music programs are increasingly cut from schools, it becomes more and more difficult for some families to provide a music education to their children–often because private music lessons, even reasonably priced ones, can be costly, and often because transportation to and from lessons can be a challenge.

Our after-school music program offers convenient and affordable, but effective lessons to kids. Our teachers stress the value of practice and hard work so that our students can experience the internal rewards that come with musical accomplishment.

We offer lessons in singing, instruments, and recording, along with various music history and genres studies courses. If you’d like to see us start a program at your school, please contact us at [email protected]

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