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Molly’s Music New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions, usually pertaining to finally starting that diet (and keeping it this time), or finally stepping foot in that gym you’ve had membership to for the past 5 years. But companies have resolutions too, and we know we’ll be better about keeping these than we are about our personal ones (I know I still haven’t given up fast food). Here are just a few of our Molly’s Music New Year’s Resolutions.

1. More Recitals!

Up until now, we’ve had two annual kid-teen recitals. Beginning in 2015, we’re adding a third, because we believe that performance opportunities are an integral part of learning musicianship skills.

2. More Teen-Adult Performance Opportunities

We plan to expand our teen-adult performance opportunities, because as an artist-development school, we think it’s important that teens and adults get real-world performance experience in local venues, the same way they would if they were booking their own schedule as an artist.

3. Expand Recording Opportunities

We’ve had our recording studio, Orange Rhymes, for years, but we’ve recently hired a new excellent recording engineer who drives down from Hollywood, and the consensus is that her recordings are amazing. We hope to get more of our most serious students in to record their demos.

4. Launch Our Artist Development Program

All of our teachers are excellent musicians and teachers, but some have an insider’s view of the industry. Our Artist Development Programs will be a mentorship program taught by working musicians, to help students learn practical skills, like how to audition band members and book your own gigs. Look out for this new program in 2015!

5. Lessons in More Locations

We already teach in most of Orange County but would love to offer lessons in more locations to make things even more convenient for our students.

6. Make Molly’s Music the Best Music School For Teachers to Work At

We love our teachers and believe that the only way to offer the best musical instruction is to treat our wonderful teachers well. In 2015, most of them will be getting raises.

7. Provide Our Student With the Best Musical Education in Orange County

We hope to continue to hire more excellent, reliable teachers to make sure our students receive the highest possible quality musical education.

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