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Studio M-emos: New School Year

The following is written by Anne, who coordinates our in-school and after-school lesson programs.

With the beginning of the school year comes the beginning of Molly’s Music after-school classes! This year we are excited to be back in two schools, and to have classes currently running. In our Studio M after-school classes, we supplement the in-school music education with classes that promote performance of commercial singing. Our classes teach how to hold a microphone, how to use up the stage space that you have, how to connect with the audience, and, most importantly, how to prepare your solo song! Every student gets to choose the song that they would like to sing. They work on it during the term, learning some vocal technique with their teacher in class and working on memorization at home. At the end, parents and friends are invited to their final performance!

The recital for Studio M: Newport Heights will be on November 3rd. The time and location is the same as it is for the regular class.

The final performance for Studio M: Oakridge will be on December 15th. The time and location is the same as it is for the regular class.

And don’t forget about our Costa Mesa and Irvine Studio M classes! We run on Wednesdays in Irvine for preteens and teens and Thursdays in Costa Mesa for younger singers. Right now, they are getting ready to perform their group songs at our December Recital, and after that, it is solos all the way as we get close to our second Studio M Solo Recital in February!

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