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Our in-studio Studio M classes are just one of the forms of artistic and musical development we offer for students in a group setting. These classes have changed in many ways, including name and layout, but the main goal has always been the same: we are hoping that in the 50 minutes that they are with our teachers in Costa Mesa or Irvine (and the countless minutes spent practicing!) we can help them grow not only as group singers, but also solo singers. And to help them on that journey, we are including two new aspects to our Studio M classes!

Very Low Cost Private Singing Lessons

We are excited to announce our new $10 drop-in voice lesson option. These hyper-discounted lessons are earned through good attendance to the Studio M classes. Students get to work one-on-one with one of our teachers and can get the individualized technique work that is not always possible in a group class setting. While the group classes are a phenomenal way to for kids to get exposed to singing and performance, sometimes that one-on-one lesson time is what they need to give them a little bit of extra confidence when working on their solos. And that brings us to our second exciting news item!

Studio M Solo Recitals

While our Studio M members have always been an important part of our Kid-Teen recitals (looking forward to seeing everyone at our recital in May!), we wanted to give them their own time to showcase the work they have been doing on their solo songs. These recitals will be held in February and July, with the first one coming up this July! Each student who’s ready will have the opportunity to perform a solo that’s all his or her own.

We have worked to grow and reshape our group class programs, from its original form as OC Glee to its current version as Studio M, into a place where students not only are able to get the myriad benefits of working with a group but are also able to work on their own personal artistic development. We are so excited to offer both the $10 voice lessons and the Studio M Solo Recitals as two more options to help students become singers.

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.