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OC Glee Carols in a Most Gleeful OC Place on December 20

We may not get snow here on the sunny side of the states, but we do have a place that rivals the South Pole in holiday cheer. The metamorphosis occurs every year on an unassuming chunk of urban sprawl called Eagle Hills in Brea, where houses seemingly compete to light up the brightest. On Christmas Eve, you can find most of the residents outside, sharing good tidings, and watching the parade of ogling drivers in idling cars. This is the backdrop for our annual OC Glee caroling party.

“When we sing, it’s like we’re adding to the magic of the place,” one Glee member observed, “and it’s really cool because you never know exactly what’s going to happen; like the first time we went, we ran into a guy with a keyboard, and he played for us while we sang.”

The group will meet up sometime around sundown on October 20th (more details to come). Everyone and anyone is welcome to drop by and enjoy the luminous sights and harmonious sounds of this bewitching neighborhood.

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