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OCSA Auditions Are Now in Session

It’s that time again: talented kids and teens all over the county will flock to Orange County School of the Arts for their shot at attending the prestigious charter school. Some will don huge black zip-up portfolios; others will show up in a leotard and tights. Still, others will come with only paper in their hands and a song in their hearts (and hopefully heads). Unfortunately, it’s not enough to be talented at your art. It’s just as necessary to be talented at auditioning.

Auditioning is a skillset, and like any skillset, only practice and hard work can make you successful. Some people are more comfortable in stressful situations, sure, but everyone has room for improvement. For anyone who wants a leg up, Molly’s Music offers personalized OCSA audition coaching in Classical Voice, Commercial Music, Music & Theater, and Integrated Arts. Audition coaching isn’t a magic bullet, but it should help you stay on track and keep you honest. We look at your skills, determine where your weaknesses are, and then help you to improve. This could be as simple as helping you tweak and cut an audition song, or as complicated as helping you work through stage fright.

You may not know the little nuances of the OCSA audition, but we do. We’re there every year accompanying our students, so we’ve been there more than once, and we’ll be there for the foreseeable future. As for any newer teachers, they have to undergo a training course before we qualify them to help you prep. That way, there’s no guesswork; there’s only structured and effective practice.

For anyone interested in more information, please visit our audition preparation page or email us [email protected]

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