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Presenting Jen S. — Our Newest Vocal Coach

Lately, Molly’s has been garnering more and more interest from aspiring singers and parents all around Orange County. We’ve had to turn a small percentage of these prospectives down, because our current teachers’ schedules couldn’t accommodate them, or because they were too far from the right teacher’s home base. It’s not that we want to turn anyone down; it’s just that we’re not willing to churn out music instructors like they’re peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The good news is we’re ALWAYS on the lookout for dedicated teachers to uphold the Molly’s mission, and a new one just joined the family: Jennifer S.! We’re excited, to say the least.

Jennifer S.

Voice Lessons and Performance Skills around South Orange County

When Jen came to interview with us, we knew she was what we were looking for. First off, She boasts a high school diploma from OCSA, and a degree from The Manhattan School of the Music. But it’s really that she’s warm-hearted and intensely knowledgable as a teacher that gets us. Jen gives students the opportunity to feel safe and free to explore their musical strengths, express themselves through their music, and hone in on technical tools that will improve their weaknesses. She comes from a classical background, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying all sorts of music. Trawl the web deep enough, and you might find videos of Jen singing everything from atonal opera, to musical theater, to Radiohead.

Jen is looking for students now, but her schedule will fill up faster than you can say “passaggio.”

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