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CoffeeWhile doing some research into which drinks are best for singers, I realized that the majority of people still stubbornly cling to a myth that has been all but debunked. If there’s one thing that the blog posts and “expert” opinions about throat health have in common, it is the advice that singers should avoid caffeine at all costs. This is because, they assert, caffeine causes dehydration. Thing is, it doesn’t. Let me say that again to all the two-cups-a-dayers and coffee-house crooners who previously thought they had to kick their habit for the sake of their singing careers: there is no research that suggests drinking caffeinated beverages in moderation can dehydrate you.

On the contrary, a number of studies* have demonstrated that caffeinated beverages are just about as diuretic as water. That means you expel about as much liquid, drinking coffee, as you would drinking the same amount of water. Caffeinated drinks are even up to the task of effectively rehydrating you. Some of you may be wondering what “moderation” means. Well, the big guys in the white coats say about four cups of coffee per day—more than enough to satiate even the most diehard espresso enthusiasts. So rest easy, and check “Frappuccino” off the list of factors that stand between you and that Grammy. Cheers!

*If you’re stubborn like me, you’ll want some scientific proof. Here, read these:

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Edit: It occurred to me today that I should point out that I am not saying that there might not be something else in select caffeinated beverages that could irritate the throat. It is possible that higher acidity coffees might not be excellent for your vocal folds just before a performance. I just wanted to drive home the fact that caffeine itself is not what is doing the irritating.

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