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Presenting Our Orange County Songwriting Workshop

Molly’s Music is proud to present its first songwriting workshop for tweens and teens, from Oct. 13 to Dec. 15.

The course is all about giving our students the structure and foundation they need in order to find their creativity, and will cover basics like common chord progressions, melody construction, song structure, lyric writing, and performing. Most of the workshop will be spent fiddling around on instruments, because the best way to learn something new is to dive into it headfirst and worry about minutia later.

We’ve implemented the songwriting class to fill a gap that exists in too many music educations. I was trained to have beautiful piano technique and a robotically accurate sense of how to play the sheet music in front of me. My musical foundation was so rigid, it couldn’t afford the liability of creativity, and unconventional chords, rhythms, and lyrics. On the other hand, I saw friends receive such an open-ended sort of music education that they sat down at the piano, saw just how many permutations of keys there were, and became too overwhelmed to write anything.

Our goal is to provide a healthy balance between the overly-rigid musical framework, and the paralyzing do-whatever-you-want method. We’ll give our students somewhere to start, and then let their impulses dictate the rest.

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