Student Spotlight

Abigail V.

Anyone who’s regularly attended Molly’s Music recitals will probably remember this month’s Student Spotlight, 14-year-old Abigail, because around 30 seconds into her songs, you know she’s going places. Read all about her here in this interview.

Q & A with Abigail

MM: Tell us about you! How long have you been singing – and when did you want to take lessons and perform? What made you want to? AV: I’ve been singing basically my whole life, but I started taking private lessons 4th-6th grade, and then I stopped and then I just recently restarted with Ben a little while ago. I just knew that singing was a talent that I had and I really wanted to grow my ability and use it while I have it. MM: Who are a few bands/artists that have inspired/excited you, or just plain made you sing along, and why? Any favorite songs? AV: Maroon 5, Meghan Trainor, and Beyoncé are the big people that I listen to. They’re just really catchy and I really enjoy their voices. MM: When you let yourself dream big, what are your goals, and what do you do to to reach them? These do not have to be related to music, we just want to know you. AV: When I’m older I would love to become a teacher, so in order to achieve my goal I need to focus and try hard in school and make sure to always do my best. MM: Can you share about a technique, performance, skill, or song you struggled with, and how you are overcoming or have overcome it? Or share about two! AV: In particular, I would say that Maroon 5’s Sugar has given me struggles but I have learned to use proper technique and breathing exercises to help me become comfortable with singing the song. When I was working on Sugar I had difficulty particularly with the chorus because you have to go from a lower range to higher very quickly. And I just needed to learn that you need to trust in yourself and just put the confidence/support behind it and it’ll turn out just how you want it to. MM: Can you share about a time music helped you overcome a struggle in your own life? This can be music itself, or something lessons taught you. AV: Keep trying and never give up. It’s not even the content of the lyrics that taught me that, necessarily…just how some singers have made it to being famous because they had to go through hard times and trials to get where they are today, and that’s really inspiring. MM: What advice would you give to other students just starting out, based on what you’ve learned? AV: Just keep trying, and if you mess up don’t worry about it, everyone makes mistakes and it’s not a big deal. No one’s gonna judge you, don’t feel any pressure. People will surprise you with how much support they have.

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