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If you’ve been to our last couple studio-wide recitals, you’ve probably had the pleasure of listening to our Student Spotlight Andrea B. play the piano, including a well-executed and quirky version of “Heart and Soul.” Anyone who’s tried to pick up an instrument knows how long and challenging a process it is to get good, and we are truly impressed at how far Andrea has come on the piano in such a short period of time. All that, and she ice skates and does origami too!

Student Spotlight: Andrea Brown

MM: How did you get started with piano, and how long have you been playing? What do you like about it, or music in general?

OB: I got started because my 2nd grade friend was a phenomenal piano player and I wanted to play piano exactly like her. Five months later I started lessons, and six years later there’s no end in sight. I like more of Indie pop. Music makes the world a little more creative and beautiful.

MM: What kind of music do you listen to in your day-to-day life? Any pianists (classical or contemporary)? Any that inspire you to practice what you’re working on in lessons, or that you’re learning to do in lessons?

OB: I love 21 pilots. One of them is a pianist and he makes very gentle music with his piano. I would like to learn and play their piano songs because their music is special. It’s different from the other music you hear on the radio, softer, or just more meaningful, like their song “Truth.” Though my favorite is probably one of the more exciting songs, like “Stressed Out.” I might do a 21 Pilots song at the next recital, we’ll see.

MM: What advice would you give to other students like you?

OB: My advice would be to play the music that you want to learn and to make your own choices on how to express the music you play and share.

MM: Can you share about any secret talents, or favorites (school subjects, sports, books, etc). I remember there’s a lot of early (and late) days with ice skating!

OB: I have a secret talent for origami. I don’t know, it’s a weird talent but I am really good at origami. I speak Spanish fluently, and I’m learning French. My favorite class is science, sport besides ice skating is basketball, my favorite books are usually youtuber books, like Miranda Sings’ book How To Be.

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