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Student Spotlight

Audrey E.

If you’ve been to any of our recitals, you may have gotten to see some of Audrey’s incredible performances. She was the one in the adorable Santa-inspired outfit with the perfectly polished choreography and pop runs to “All I Want For Christmas.” She’s also the one with the wonderfully coordinated outfits that seem to match up perfectly to the music. One of the most creative, hardworking, and unapologetically authentic people I’ve met, Audrey will no doubt be a success, whether that’s in music or anything else she chooses to throw herself into. In the meantime, enjoy this amazing performance from our Winter Recital.

Q & A with Audrey

MM: What are some of your favorite hobbies, outside of music? Favorite school subjects, books, movies, shows, sports?      

AE: During my spare time I like to play with my baby brother and watch him laugh, nothing else gives me more joy than to see my brother learn new words and new games. I also enjoyed playing softball for quite some time, it’s my absolute favorite sport with all the running, batting, friends, and fun! On days that I don’t feel like doing much you can often catch me outside riding my hover board and playing my favorite songs on its bluetooth speaker. My favorite movies include The Greatest Showman, Titanic, and any other action movies. My favorite school subjects are, English, Home Arts, And Physical Education. My favorite books are Sisters, Smile, and comics by Raina Telgemeier. I have a lot of favorites when it comes to shows or musicals but I must say my favorite show has to be Wicked

MM: How did you get started with music, and how long have you been singing and playing piano? 

AE: I have been singing ever since the age of 2-years-old. I would sing songs from different musicals, my favorite song was “Popular” from Wicked. I would sing it all the time and dance around the room. When I turned about 5-years-old, my parents enrolled me into a musical theatre program called Musical Theatre Academy. I stuck with this program for 7 years, which is about 11 shows. I had a lot of fun with friends playing ensemble roles. 

I became a bit disappointed that I wasn’t getting any lead roles or lines. My dad wanted to help me so he found Molly’s Music and enrolled me in singing lessons. I started taking singing lessons from Anne at Molly’s Music and she is a great teacher who has taught me so much to improve my vocals, which helped me to gain a solo in an MTA show in which I sang “On My Own” from Les Miserables

Later my parents decided I needed to start playing a musical instrument and signed me up for piano lessons at Molly‘s Music. I enjoy working with my teacher Anne and all the recitals and lessons Molly’s Music provides–it really helps me improve and show how I progress along the way.

MM: What have been some of your favorite performances, and why? How do you share your music with others, beyond recitals?

AE: All of my MTA shows and Molly’s Music recitals have been so fun! I enjoy every one so much that I can’t even tell if I have a favorite, every performance teaches me something new, or a valuable lesson that may help me in life so I don’t make another mistake, I have learned so many songs from my performances that if you put on the radio I will probably know the song your playing. There are so many dances to learn and so many memories that come with a performance, and you make so many new friends.

MM: What makes you keep up your practice, and what are your goals?

AE: I try to spread out my time so that I get everything done. If I don’t get something done, then I absolutely cannot go to bed until I get something done, but my parents usually force me to bed so I get a good sleep. When I practice piano I practice for maybe 20 minutes every day. Leaving 10 minutes for each hand. When I sing I practice the song I’m working on and make sure I put myself in the character’s shoes and think of how they would act.

MM: Who are a few bands/artists/musicals that have inspired you, and why?

AE: About a month ago, we finally went to see my favorite musical, Wicked. The songs were so amazing, and they were songs I had been singing all my life, and to finally see them being performed live was just incredible. The songs are so fun to perform by myself in my room, or in front of an audience, sometimes I even do the duets with my sister! Before I saw the show my sister and I performed a duet for the seniors home in Idaho and we sang a song from Wicked.

MM: What are some of your favorite songs, and why?

AE: I have so many favorite songs I like to sing and dance to. Some of my favorite songs include “No Tears Left to Cry” – Ariana Grande, “H.O.L.Y.” – Florida Georgia Line, and “The Middle” – Zedd.

These songs are just so fun to dance to and I just love singing to them and they make me feel the beat and turn up my mood.

MM: Can you share about a technique, skill, or song you struggled with, and how you are overcoming or have overcome it?

AE: One day when I was about 7-years-old, my great grandmother came over to visit us when we lived in Idaho for two years. When she came I asked her if I could sing her a song and she loved it she asked me if I could sing one of her favorite songs. The next day, without any practice I thought “this is so easy I can sing this right away.” I sang the song and as I sang I realized it was too high for my range. My voice cracked and I got scared and ran to my room in tears. I had realized how I was not ready and many years later today, I plan to sing her the song on her birthday this year.

MM: I always look forward to seeing what you’re going to wear in our recitals. You have such a great sense of style, and it’s obvious that you put a lot of thought into it. Can you talk a little about what inspires you?

AE: I love going to the mall and shopping for new clothes. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really like to keep hand-me-downs, or clothes I am not going to wear. To me, I don’t like to look at brands, or stores and judge clothes by their brand, The only thing that matters to me when it comes to clothes is that it suits you and that you like it! When I coordinate my outfits I make sure they match and they are suitable for the weather.

MM: I know you have a younger sister who also takes lessons, and a younger brother who comes to all of your performances. What would you say to them, and everyone else, about how to get ready to perform? 

AE: Well for my little brother Declan, I hope he grows up to enjoy music, and I think that will be no problem because right now as I answer this question, he is dancing his heart away to some song on the radio. And to my sister Sabrina, I hope she will pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. And to everyone just always remember you are talented in your own special ways.

MM: Every time I watch you, your performances have gotten more polished. Do you choreograph them and practice moving to your songs ahead of time, or does it just happen in the moment?

AE: I always practice my performances before the actual show, and I always walk myself through it. If I am bad at something or I don’t know how to do it, I try to remember what it was or how to do it. If there was a video or tutorial showing me how to do it I will watch that video over and over again and practice and practice until I get it right so that I’m ready for the performance. I have a tendency to become so busy that I don’t realize how close I am to the performance until right before the performance so then I stop everything and just focus on practicing. I try not to just practice until I get it right. I try to practice until I can’t get it wrong. 

MM: Do you have any social media sites, like a YouTube channel you’d like to share, or anything else you’d like to add? 

AE: I have an Instagram and YouTube account. I also make TikTok videos. 

Instagram : @missaudreymichelle
TikTok: @missaudreygirl Audrey Michelle


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