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Student Spotlight: Bridgette B.

This month, we interviewed Molly W’s beautiful, humble student Bridgette B, a TV, movie, and stage actress and singer. Her voice has a stunning Disney-princess sweetness to it that sounds equally beautiful doing Broadway tunes and singer-songwriter music that she strums her ukulele to. One of our favorite Molly’s Music stories yet happened at our last recital, where Bridgitte met Falcon, our Student Spotlight from a couple months ago. Since then the two have begun performing together at open-mic nights in Newport Beach.

MM: How did you get started with music, and how long have you been singing/performing (I hear you play ukulele, write songs, and act?)

BB: I got started with music after being in my school play in 4th grade. Ever since, I couldn’t get enough of performing! Everyone has heard it a million times from someone with the same dream as me, but It gives me a feeling I can’t describe, and makes me want to keep getting better and working harder. Since I have started going to lessons with Molly, she has taught me so much and helped my voice grow and strengthen, and I can’t thank her enough for the support she has given me. I have recently started learning to play the ukulele and guitar, and am staring to write songs as well. I have also been acting since I was 7, and have been blessed to get to work on shows and movies. For anyone who has the same desires, I started with a management company called Kids! Management for background work, and from the shows they booked me on, I was able to get my SAG card. Trust me, if I can do it, so can anyone else!

MM: How do you share your musical skills with family, friends, or your community? I hear you and another one of our students have gone to open mic nights?

BB: I try to practice as much as possible, whether it’s singing for my family or rehearsing with friends. Another student, Falcon Freeman, and I did an open mic night recently and we are practicing to do another soon. I had never done an open mic night before, but it is a great way to be able to perform to larger crowds and get more experience!

MM: What makes you keep up your practice, and what are your goals?

BB: I keep practicing because I have such a strong passion for performing, and I know that God has called me to do this, so it is my job to do what I can, and He will do the rest. Nothing else gives me greater fulfillment than following His will for me, so my focus on bettering the gifts he has blessed me with stays strong. My goals are to continue to perform and begin to write songs, all to do whatever God has planned for me, because what He has planned is so much greater than anything I could try to do on my own.

MM: Who are a few bands/artists that have inspired you, and why? What genres (listening or performing) are your favorites, and why?

BB: The band MercyMe has inspired me because the lead singer Bart Millard had a very tough childhood, and in high school he played football but was forced to be in choir after suffering from an injury keeping him from playing. He then discovered he had a voice, and with it he has inspired me because it shows how if God has an anointing on your life, there’s nothing that can change it. Also, he has inspired me because I find his voice mesmerizing because it is so effortless for him to sound incredible, and I hope one day I can come even close to the amount of talent he has. My favorite types of music to perform are acoustic-sounding that have good stories or messages. I also love performing Broadway songs and doing musical theatre.

MM: Can you share about a technique, skill, or song you struggled with, and how you are overcoming or have overcome it?

BB: To be honest, I struggle with every song! Every time I sing, there is a new challenge that I face and I learn something different. I remember in 6th grade, I was the scarecrow in our school’s production of “The Wizard of Oz.” I really struggled with my performance of “If I Only Had A Brain,” and I have the video to prove it. It’s not fun to listen to (trust me), but it shows me how much I have improved and gives me hope seeing how much has changed in 4 years.

MM: What advice would you give to other students just starting out?

BB: To anyone just starting out, I would tell them not to get discouraged. Every time I would perform, I would get discouraged because I didn’t sound “perfect” or I didn’t do as well as I knew I could. I still get discouraged of course, I’m human, but I have learned that every performance, good or bad, is a learning experience. And it’s not about how well you do, but it’s learning the lesson that will help you grow as a person and an artist. People can tell you a thousand times that everything you do is a lesson to be learned, but I know that if you get off the stage and are feeling like you did horrible and you are embarrassed, you are not going to cheer yourself up right away and think “this is a learning experience.” I have felt that way more times than I can count, but I have recently learned that the most important rule in moving forward is to hold every thought captive. The voice that tells you “you didn’t do good,” “you’re a failure,” “you should be embarrassed” is the voice of a liar. That voice only comes to kill steal, and destroy your dreams. The gifts that God gives to each of us are unique like a fingerprint, no one else will have exactly the same as you. He has a plan for each of our lives that isn’t determined by someone else doing better than you. They have their own path and you have yours. Above all else, always remember to listen to your heart, it will never steer you wrong. If you look at the word “heart,” it says “hear” with a cross at the end, which means “hear Christ.”

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