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Student Spotlight: Falcon F.

Meet Falcon, a guitarist, vocalist, and pianist, who aspires to one day be a professional performer. With his admirable work ethic, positive attitude, and insight into how people feel music, it’s hard to believe he’s only 16!

MM: How did you get started with music, and how long have you been singing and playing guitar?

FF: I started my musical experience through learning the guitar. My parents were worship leaders, and my father played guitar, so it always seemed natural that I would play the guitar as well. I have been playing guitar since I was around eight years old, and I kind of sang along as I played but did not really begin to sing until I was in middle school and joined the choir. Since then I have been playing and singing, and experimenting with other instruments.

MM: What led you to add piano to the mix, and how has it been different than guitar for you?

FF: I began playing piano because it was an instrument that always drew my attention. I always thought that piano would be an important instrument to add, because it would also teach me to read music. It has been different in the sense that I have to play with both hands, which has been the biggest hurdle. However, it is enjoyable.

MM: Your teacher Ben mentioned you’re involved in the youth services of your church – can you share about what community impact you get to have through music?

FF: Through playing music, I get to play not only by going to coffee shops or with friends, but I can do it at church and show people the main reason I learned to play music. Music has a way of eliciting a different feeling in different people and can be felt hundreds of ways even if the same chords are played, and I felt I wanted to share my music the way I see and feel it it.

MM: What makes you keep up your practice now, and what would you like to do with your music (personal enjoyment, community service, education, etc)?

FF: I practice a lot and consistently because I couldn’t see myself doing anything different. I truly enjoy extending my knowledge of music, and it’s fun for me to create new sounds or chord progressions based on how I’m feeling. It seems to be my way of creating something unique that only I can really understand completely. I would like to be a performer when I’m older, whether that is a solo artist, or a worship leader.

MM: Who are a few bands/artists that have inspired you – and how have they done so?

FF: One musician who has impacted me greatly would be Matt Corby because of his raw talent. His range is insanely extensive, and he creates songs that can be understood by anyone. Another artist would be John Butler because he plays the style of acoustic guitar that attracts me, and he is so amazing at what he does its incredible.

MM: What advice would you give to other students just starting out?

FF: Advice to another student would be to find something that you really enjoy or something that you could see yourself enjoying once you are good at it. Practicing beginner sheet music on piano is by no means fun. However, to be able to translate that into songs that I enjoy is a good experience. It creates habits and makes learning and excelling much easier and faster.



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