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Student Spotlight: Grace M.

Grace M. became interested in music at an early age because of her brass and guitar-wielding dad, but it was her dedication that made her a formidable vocalist, instrumentalist, and X-factor competitor. Keep your eyes open for this girl, because she’ll accomplish whatever she puts her passion into. In the meantime, read about her accomplishments, goals, and inspiration.

MM: What types of music do you love? What types of music influence you?

GM: I’m very diverse in what I listen to and what I like to learn as far as guitar and vocals go. I absolutely love blues, rock, and singer-songwriter genres. Indie rock, however, is what I listen to most regularly. I would have to say that the blues is what inspires and influences me most in my musical endeavors. I actually discover music most often through the radio. I love flipping through channels and hearing new songs. Spotify radio and Pandora bestow upon me some fantastic music that I’ve never heard of.

MM: What’s your favorite kind of music to sing or play? Is it different from your favorite type of music to listen to?

GM: I like singing more powerful and more difficult songs to help me strengthen my voice. Usually, the more difficult songs are not what I listen to regularly or what I learn to play on guitar. Typically, I learn indie rock and classic rock songs on guitar and sing the blues and songs by Adele.

MM: Have you recorded anything before?

GM: I actually do have recordings! They’re not the best quality, but I do plan on one day sitting down and starting a project—one I actually finish—on an original song.

MM: What inspires you when you write music, and how do you go about writing?

GM: I do write music quite often. It’s a pastime of mine. Most of my inspiration comes from literature, and when that doesn’t inspire me, I drive. There’s a nice winding canyon behind my neighborhood and I’ll go out and drive for twenty or thirty minutes to collect some visions for songs. When I write, I start writing lyrics like poems. Then, I start tapping my feet or clapping to create a beat. I finally start strumming random chords on the guitar and somehow it all falls into place!

MM: Where do you perform? Do you get stage fright?

GM: My performances are limited to recitals. I have, however, auditioned for the X Factor and American Idol. I went through three rounds of the X Factor before dropping out to sing for the producers of American Idol on a private audition day. For those performances, I sing my trademark song, “House of the Rising Sun” or something very different and soulful to surprise people. I get stage fright so badly, but, when I sing, it all goes away! I’m quite a loud, obnoxious, and outgoing person, so getting up and talking to a group of people, although nerve wracking, isn’t that difficult. I just need ten seconds of insane confidence!

MM: How did support from your family affect your learning and love of music?

GM: My family is so supportive of my musical endeavors. My dad has always guided me through my training in piano, guitar, and even vocals. I think my dad is probably my biggest fan, my most optimistic coach, and my biggest inspiration for just continuing with my music. He’s always been able to show me how beautiful music is.

MM: What does your future hold? If you could be anywhere music related in 5 years, where would you be?

GM: There’s no way I’m ever giving up on my music! Although my dreams consist of selling millions of records and traveling the world on sold out tours, I probably won’t end up there. I’ll definitely continue to make original music and if the universe decides that I should take that route in life, then so be it! 🙂

MM: Currently listening to…

GM: “If You Build it” by Air Traffic Controller, “San Francisco” by the Mowgli’s.

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