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Student Spotlight

Hailey D.

Hailey is an incredible singer-songwriter who performs with her guitar around our community, booking gigs at restaurants, private parties, and other events. She wrote her first song for her grandfather at the age of 12, and the rest is history! Check out one her gorgeous original tunes right here!

Q & A with Hailey

MM: How did you get started with music? How long have you been singing and playing guitar? Any other instruments?

HD: I wrote my first song at 12-years-old for my grandfather when he was about to pass away. I only used the high e and and b strings, but that is when it started for me.

MM: How do you share your musical skills with family, friends, or your community? I understand you’ve been doing some open mic nights and booking some gigs! How’s that been going?

HD: I perform at open mics quite often around OC. I booked my first gig at The Pig N Whistle in LA and have done some at Sevilla in Long Beach as well as a few private parties and events.I really enjoy performing!

MM: Who are your musical inspirations? Any favorite artists, albums, or songs?

HD: My biggest musical inspirations are Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, and Tori Kelly.

MM: What are your goals with music? What are some challenges you’ve dealt with?

HD: I hope to release an album sometime soon and be able to perform consistently. Challenges I have dealt with are giving myself the time to write music and finding more places to perform at.

MM: What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

HD: My job is kind of a hobby. I work at my parents’ donut shop in Tustin where I am the manager, so I do a little bit of everything: fry/glaze donuts, I am a barista, and serve donuts.

MM: I loved the song you wrote and shared at our Teen-Adult Showcase! Tell me about the songs you’ve been writing! When did you start writing music, and what’s your process like? What inspires the music you write?

HD: Thank you very much! I started writing music at age 12, but took a break after that and didnt start writing again until a couple years ago. I am typically inspired to write songs that are devoted to someone and what they mean to me. For example, the song I performed at the showcase, My Dear Friend, is devoted to my friend Alexia when she was going through a rough time in her life.

MM: What advice do you have for a music student just starting out?

HD: Perform every chance you get! The most I have grown came from performing almost every night. Also, treat your music as a craft and take up any opportunity to learn more and get better (i.e. voice lessons).

MM: Do you have any social media sites (Instagram, Facebook Music, YouTube, etc.) you’d like to share?

HD: I have a Youtube Channel, Hailey Desprez, and an Instagram (but no posts yet).

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