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Student Spotlight: Jonathan T.

Meet this month’s Student Spotlight, Jonathan. He’ll be starting OCSA this year in the acting conservatory and has been performing in musicals since second grade. For many musicians, the idea of practicing music is a big mental hurdle to get over, but for Jonathan, it’s his way of relaxing and having fun. Which music teacher wouldn’t want a student like that?

MM: Introduce yourself to the readers! How long have you been singing–how did you get started? Where do you want to go with it?

JT: Hello, my name is Jonathan Truong. Starting this year, I will be attending the Orange County School of the Arts. At the start of 2nd grade, I began doing musicals through a musical theatre group for kids. While performing here, I learned of my passion for theatre, as well as singing. Having a strong voice during musicals became important for me so I began taking vocal lessons. I hope to continue to strengthen my voice and continue to do musicals.

MM: This will be your first year at OCSA. Tell us about your experience with the application process! Any advice for OCSA hopefuls?

JT: This year I worked hard to audition for OCSA, for acting and musical theatre. The process was easier with someone to guide me, but it was hard with the constant anticipation of waiting to hear from the school. I worked hard to perfect each song and monologue. After getting the callback I practiced each song and monologue as much as possible. The audition was nerve-racking but exciting, and I was confident afterward. I am excited to start a new adventure at OCSA in the acting conservatory.

MM: Do you have any performance stories that you’re really proud of, that make you laugh, or that you learned a lot from?

JT: The performance I am most proud of is when I performed as the Cat in the Hat in Seussical. Throughout the process of that play I gained stage knowledge and worked harder than I ever had before. I took everything I had been taught and put it into one performance. It was a great experience and I was sad to see it end.

How much do you have to sing/practice each week, and how do you help yourself stick to it?

JT: I love to sing no matter the location or time, and practice my songs several times a week. I’ve never focused on forcing myself to practice, it is more of a relief or fun way to spend time. My motivation is solely based on improving and getting to the best of my ability. I hope one day to go to Broadway or television, and this can only be accomplished with hard work and practice.

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