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Student Spotlight: Kat Long

Kat LongThis month, I got the privilege of e-interviewing an incredibly talented and hard-working singer named Kat Long. At only 13, this OCSA music & theater student is hardly a stranger to the stage with five years of performing and over 20 musicals under her belt. Her favorite roles? Mushu in Mulan, Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Ensemble in Godspell. As if her continuous presence on stage doesn’t keep her busy enough, Kat will be taking voice lessons, dance lessons, and swim team this summer.

MM: What do you like most about singing? Where do you get inspiration?

KL: My favorite thing about singing is the feeling I get when I perform. I love performing in front of an audience because it makes me feel careless and happy. I get my inspiration from my mom because I love to watch her sing and perform. Her stage presence is amazing, and she makes performing look easy.

MM: What’s your favorite type of music to sing and why?

KL: My favorite type of music to sing is probably contemporary music and theatre because I feel like it fits my voice, and I love the way the music is written.

MM: What’s your favorite musical? Why?

KL: My favorite musical is 13 because it was one of the most exciting and fun shows I have ever been in. I was able to relate to the show and all of the characters very easily since I am a teenager, and I face some of the problems the characters go through.

MM: I hear you come from a really musical family. Can you tell me more about that? Do you guys perform together? What’s that like?

KL: My mom, brother and I have been performing together for 5 years. It is a lot of fun because theater is something we all love, and I feel like it brings our family closer together. My favorite show to perform with my family was The Sound of Music, and it was funny because my brother Dylan was actually playing my onstage brother (Kurt), and my mom was playing my soon-to-be, mean step-mother, Elsa. Sometimes it’s stressful performing as a family when we have to rush to rehearsal and sometimes eat dinner in the car!

MM: You go to OCSA. Has being around so many talented like-minded teenagers shaped the way you think about singing and performing?

KL: I love going to OCSA! There are so many amazing, talented people around me at school, and I always feel very proud to be there. Whenever I watch kids at my school perform, it inspires me to work harder and perfect my singing. Everyone is so talented and they work so hard, which gets me to work even harder at my singing and performing. I really need to thank Molly for helping me prepare for my OCSA audition. She really understands what it takes to get ready.
Editor’s Note: Molly really appreciates the compliment, but also acknowledges that Kat has worked insanely hard to get where she is.

MM: What advice do you have for kids who want to start performing but are too scared to start?

KL: Don’t be afriad to try. If you are thinking about auditioning for something, just try your hardest, and if you don’t make it, think of it as a good audition experience. I get nervous before auditions, and most people do. The biggest thing you need for auditions is to be prepared.

MM: What are your long-term musical goals if you have any? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KL: My goal in 5 years would be that I would be senior at OCSA getting ready for college. I hope to go to NYU and study theatre!

MM: Currently listening to or recently listened to…

KL: Imagine Dragons, Passion Pit, Florence and the Machine, and the score from 13.

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