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December brought us the opportunity to speak with 10-year-old Liv, one of our newer additions to the Molly’s Music family. Molly G recommended her as a Student Spotlight after she joined Glee this summer because of her willingness to take on challenges, and the cheerful, bubbly attitude she brings to the group.

MM: How did you get started with singing, and why?

LV: I listen to the radio a lot with my family. My dad really likes 80’s music, so of course I used to hate it. But now I like it, too, especially Simple Minds. You can dance and jump and sing along with it in your room, although the slow stuff isn’t for me.

I studied violin for a year, and learned about what parts you can and can’t touch, and how tune it and care for it and find the notes and use the bow. They would have you wear all black to perform, but the rosin from the violin would get on your clothes. When I stopped violin, I knew I still wanted to find something musical to do, and I liked singing, so I started going to the Glee class.

MM: Can you tell us about times you’ve shared music with others at performances?

LV: A good while ago I sang California Dreamin’ at my school with the whole grade, though that was a different version than what Glee did. This summer I performed with Glee at the Moon Lantern Festival, and also in Irvine at a shopping center, where there was an outdoor recital. I perform at church sometimes, too, but not the choir. I’d be taller than everyone else in the choir, which is funny because both my parents are a little short.

MM: Can you share about a tough song, technique, or performance?

LV: I remember getting nervous for the Moon Lantern Festival, I kept running through the lyrics in my head. I had to take another student’s solo last minute because they were sick, so I was worried about forgetting the words. I started running in place, and that helped my nerves! We weren’t able to really see much until we got on stage, and then there were a lot of people but I found my mom, too.  The sound equipment got a little crazy at the very end, but I liked that performance the most. We did the song “Talking to the Moon,” which was a little hard. I had a lot of the high parts where you hold out the “moon,” and had to learn to make my voice sound brattier for them.*

MM: How do you get yourself to practice?

LV: I’ll practice a lot when I get home from school in my room. I like singing the harmonies in Glee, especially the higher ones. We also have a big Magnolia tree, so I like to climb up there sometimes to sing or write, since I write songs and stories and poetry. My god-mom’s a writer, too!

MM: What are you some of your books, songs, and artists that inspire you?

LV: Well, there was the 80’s group Simple Mind. I also really like Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off,” and I get to sing it at the recital coming up. Definitely Imagine Dragons, too, especially their songs “Radioactive” and “It’s Time.” I listen to Christian music, too, like “Ocean” by Hillsong. Disney music is really fun, kind of how 80’s music is. Pretty much anything that makes you feel dancey and has a good message.

I love books! I’m in the Accelerated Reading program and they say I read at a college level, which is cool. I like the Percy Jackson books, and Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. I haven’t seen the movie though. I also really like Divergent.

MM: Can you tell us about times you’ve shared music with others at performances?

LV: One day I plan to become and architect. I don’t see myself pursuing a singing career, but I know music and singing will always be a part of my life.

*Note from Molly’s Music: The reason Liv was working on sounding “bratty” in “Talking to the Moon” is because the bratty sound helps singers develop forward resonance so that their voices carry more.

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