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Student Spotlight: Misha D.

“Singing can make me feel like I’m flying even when my feet are still on the ground.” As you can see, Misha’s love for music is inspiring to say the least. With an eclectic ear—she listens to everything from Eminem to Ed Sheeran—and a passionate personality, Misha is sure to achieve her musical dreams.


MM: Let’s start with your musical history. When did you start singing, and when did you decide to make music a more serious part of your life?

When I first started singing, I was about three. I would sing a lot to the radio. I started lessons a little less than a year ago. Music was always important to me but around three years ago I got really serious about it. I realized that music was a really consistent part of my life and it helped me through a lot of bad times and good times. Even things like homework and running. I have always thrived on it but I soon found deeper meaning in lyrics and music. I also started a chorus class last year and that really helped me with realizing that singing is much more than what it seems. That’s when I decided to do more than just a class and actually take some one on one lessons.

MM: If I plugged in your iPod, what kind of music would I find? What music do you love to listen to? To sing?

My iPod has a lot of different music. I’m not really restricted to one genre. The music I like to listen to also changes constantly. I find myself always having these “binges” where all of a sudden I will get rid of a good 40 to 50 songs and download more. Right now, you would find music from Beyoncé to Eminem to Ed Sheeran. I recently really got into the Arctic Monkeys and the 1975. I listen to Mayday Parade and Paramore as well. Singing wise, my music taste changes completely. Usually, I like to pick challenging songs and preferably have them in my range. Changing keys is a real hassle. I usually just pick challenging pop songs just because after hearing them so often on the radio, I’ve already memorized them so I can solely focus on technical things.

MM: We hear you’ve started playing guitar in addition to singing. How is that going?

Guitar is going great. It’s one of my favorite instruments in general, and I like that I can accompany myself while I sing. It also makes performing easier because I’m someone that usually fiddles a lot with my hands, clothes, and such when I sing, so it makes me look a little less awkward.

MM: Inspiration can be hard to come by. Where do you find your inspiration to sing and perform?

I think the main reason why I sing and perform is for myself and as shallow as this sounds, I think I inspire myself, in a sense. I like doing it, I want to become the best I can be. Singing can make me feel like I’m flying even when my feet are still on the ground, and performing is just a rush. My love for both singing and performing really keeps me going.

MM: What are you currently involved in with regards to music? What are your future aspirations as a musician?

Right now I’m obviously doing voice and guitar with Molly’s Music. I’m also doing piano which I used to play years ago and I got back into recently. As for my future aspirations, I really wish to get somewhere with my music. I want to be able to inspire others. I feel like music is always there for me and I want to make music that will always be there for others. So, hopefully I get somewhere with that.

MM: What advice could you give beginning singers and guitarists?

There are a few things that everyone has to know about hobbies, overall. I think that practice makes perfect and I’ve learned that the hard way the past few years. I also think that the only way to be where you want to be with singing or guitar is to try your best and never give up. Music is challenging and it’s sometimes hard to understand. But, if you work hard enough and you want it enough, you’ll get there eventually.

MM: And to finish I like this fun one: If you could sing with any performer or band, regardless if they are still living, who would it be and why? What song (or songs) would you want to sing with them?

My music taste happens to fluctuate often. If you asked me this question last year I would have said Taylor Swift. But, right now, I would definitely love to sing with Ed Sheeran. Not everyone knows of him but he’s just a genius when it comes to music. He knows what he’s doing and he does it well. His guitar skills are out of this world. His chord progressions and lyrics are too much to handle. I respect him a lot as an artist. To be honest, it wouldn’t really matter what I would be singing. I would be on stage with Ed Sheeran! But I think I would choose My Little Bird, Give Me Love, Wake Me Up, and Wayfaring Stranger.

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