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Student Spotlight: Samara M.

This month we had the pleasure of talking to Samara. Molly recommended her as October’s Student Spotlight because of her beautiful voice, her well-rounded performance experience, and her sparkly personality. Not only is Samara well versed in both classical singing and pop singing, she’s a competitive dancer and is beginning to learn to accompany herself on the piano while she sings. Recently, she’s recorded a cover of “Stay” by Rihanna at our Orange Rhymes studio and plans to audition for America’s Got Talent in the next few months.

MM: How did you get started with singing, and how long have you been at it (not just with us)?

SM: I have been singing for as long as I can remember.  I started with classical training at the age of 8 and continued with classical training until I was 10.  Although I appreciate classical music, I really wanted to sing pop music, so I decided to come to Molly’s Music and train with Ms. Molly.  I’m 11 now, and will continue with singing because it is my true passion.

MM: How have you been sharing your songs with others?  What’s your favorite performance so far and why?

SM: I am always asked to sing at school by my peers , which I do, and I am always happy to sing for other people.  I have 2 favorite performances.  The first would be “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and my second one is “We’ll be the Stars” by Sabrina Carpenter.  I love performing songs that I can feel an emotional connection with.

MM: Who are a few bands/artists that have inspired you, and why?

SM: Taylor Swift is probably the artist that inspires me the most.  Not only is she an amazing singer, she is an amazing person who truly cares about her fans and people in general.  I remember being impacted by her generosity last Christmas when she surprised some of her fans on social media  by showing up at their houses with Christmas gifts.

MM: What makes you keep up your practice, and what are your goals?

SM: What helps me keep up my practice is focusing on my dreams of being a contestant on America’s Got Talent.  I’m auditioning in January, 2016 and am so excited to finally share my singing with the world.  If I don’t get picked to be on the show, I will still pursue singing because I truly believe God has given me an amazing gift that I can use to touch the hearts of others.

MM: Can you share about a technique, skill, or song you struggled with, and how you are overcoming or have overcome it?

SM: I am currently working on Sia’s “Chandelier” to perform at the audition for America’s Got Talent.  It is a very challenging song, but I keep trying to master it because it shows how unique my range is for someone my age.

MM: I know you had the chance to record your version of Rihanna’s “Stay.” How did you prepare for that and what did you learn about the recording process that may surprise others? How was it different than performing it at the recital?

SM: I practiced the song over and over again before recording it.  From the recording process I learned that I could hear myself singing when I had to wear the recording headphones.

MM: What advice would you give to other students just starting out?

SM: Dream BIG and practice, practice, practice.  There will be days your voice doesn’t sound as good as it usually does, but don’t get discouraged…we are all a work in progress.  NEVER GIVE UP!

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