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Studio M Updates

The Studio M Updates blog is maintained by our Program Manager, Anne.

Have you ever sung in a choir? Do you remember what it felt like to join a whole group of other singers? I have distinct memories of getting chills running down my spin when we would hit a particularly powerful section of a song, and the excitement of knowing that I was part of that group making that sound.

Our group classes aren’t quite at that size yet, but the feeling of creating something with other people is. And let’s be honest, sometimes the smaller, more intimate groups help foster that feeling of camaraderie even more.

The Studio M program at Molly’s Music has gone through some changes over the years (one of which is changing the name to Studio M) but the spirit has always been the same: connecting with others through a mutual love of music and then connecting with our audience when we share what we have worked so hard on. The inclusion of our in-school program under the same name has only helped strengthen this spirit. What may just seem like kids singing songs that they love can be, in fact, so much more!

There are a couple of changes that have been going on over the last week. The most bittersweet is that today, as I write this, it is the last day of our Tuesday Studio M class at our Irvine location. But that doesn’t mean it is over! On March 6th, we will be starting up the class again on Wednesday, in Irvine, and it will be taught by our wonderful teacher Emma. It is going to be very exciting to see what this group prepares for our May recital!

Our Thursday Costa Mesa class and our Friday in-school class at Oakridge Private School have been working hard and preparing for upcoming recitals, and we are very excited about our upcoming in-school classes in April as well.
But we also have one more aspect of our program to keep yours open for! We will begin preparing for our Summer Pop Star Camp shortly! Keep your eyes open for the announcement; we’d love to see you there!

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