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As many of you know, over the past few years, we’ve fully transitioned Molly’s Music into a nonprofit. One of our many goals is to be able to provide very low-cost opportunities for singing lessons. We love running our private-lesson program and truly believe that there’s no better way to see improvement than weekly private lessons. But frequent one-on-one lessons are a luxury that many people can’t afford, either because of their budget or simply the amount of the time it can take.

As we move into high school audition season and run our OCSA Prep Program, it’s increasingly apparent how much of a leg up the students who can afford lessons have. It’s our goal to level the playing field as best we can and provide everyone with the possibility of getting help learning to sing.

And so we’re incredibly excited to announce the roll-out of The Inside Voice, our low-cost voice lesson subscription service and the next best thing to weekly lessons.

The service will not only be extremely affordable, but also effective and available from anywhere in the world where you can hop online and record your voice.

How It Works

1. Record a Song. Any device will do, from pro audio gear to your smart phone. Video and audio are both acceptable.
2. Email the track to your Inside Voice teacher.
3. Your teacher will send back the recording with tips on how to improve.
4. Repeat, getting weekly personalized feedback.
5. Watch your improvement.
6. As an optional add-on, you can include a low-cost monthly private voice lesson, either in person or online to get some quick in-person feedback from your teacher.

How Well Will This Work?

As well as you want it to. While feedback may not be in person, you’ll be getting the same tips you’d receive from a private instructor, and as long as you can stay on top of working through the recorded tips or help your child work through them, you’ll be able to make lots of progress.

Unlike most subscription services, this one is personalized and offers the same important relationship between a teacher and a student that private voice lessons provide.

Why We Are Starting the Program

We believe in the inherent value of learning how to sing. It’s cathartic, joyful, and an important part of self-expression. We want everyone to have the opportunity to get to attend schools like OCSA and get cast in performances if that’s something they’re passionate about, but most of all, we want everyone to be able to experience the joy of feeling good about their own voice. If you’re already in private lessons and just need some more consistent help in between lessons, this service is perfect to help you get that additional feedback you need right before a big audition.

Are These Recordings Anonymous

That all depends on you! We’re interested in creating a community of shared lesson videos, because so much can be gained from watching other singers get feedback. However, we know that learning to sing can feel vulnerable, and if you want to keep your lessons private, then mum’s the word.

If you’re interested in subscribing to The Inside Voice, just shoot us an email at info@mollysmusic.org for more info.

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.