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Tips You Need to Know to Find the Best 88-Key Digital Piano

The following was guest written by Jason Antoon of digitalpianoexpert.

Commercial musicians who love playing the piano should learn as much about digital pianos as they can. That way, they can determine which ones are the best. Depending on your needs, a digital piano can be suitable for people trying to find something similar to an acoustic piano but requires less maintenance, takes up less space, and features convenient adjustable sound levels.

If you are interested in finding the best 88-key digital piano, check out this article to find out more about what features to focus on. You will be able to find one with great characteristics at an affordable price. Make sure that you also look into the additional tools you’ll need to facilitate rehearsal sessions effectively.

Generally, a great digital piano is not as expensive as an acoustic piano, but you can still produce high-quality music on it. If you have a great passion for the keyboard, try searching for an 88-key digital piano that will give you more room to explore.

1. Budget

First thing’s first: How much are you willing to spend? The price of a digital piano may vary depending on the features and number of keys. It can start at $500 and may surpass $1,000 for a professional one. When searching for an 88-key digital piano, try to find one that does not weigh that much. One that is a bit over 25 lbs can cost less than $500. For instance, a nice model like the Yamaha P-45 is versatile, producing great sound quality. However, if you want to invest more money into your passion, you can purchase one that surpasses $1,000, namely the Casio PX-860. This one features pedals and a complete piano-style frame.

2. The Weighted Keys and the LCD

The weighted keys are a great advantage for pianists since it makes the keyboard feel like an acoustic piano. By practicing on a fully weighted digital piano, you will be able to learn the appropriate finger technique and develop the strength you need to play any type of piano. A digital piano that features an LCD will also display musical scores and lyrics. You’ll even be able to set it to play chords that you can play incredible tunes over.

3. What Features Should it Have


Generally, an acoustic piano produces a particular volume range that depends on how you strike the keys. However, when it comes to digital pianos, they can be controlled over a wider range using volume control. You can even practice silently by using additional tools. Check whether it has the necessary features to allow you to use headphones. In this way, you will no longer disturb your neighbors or roommates. The incredible sound sets that are found on a digital piano allow you to add brass, woodwinds, percussion, drums and more.


When searching for an 88-key digital piano, make sure you consider portability. Besides the fact that it should be compact to fit your small apartment, also consider its weight. Think about the fact that you will carry it around if you do concerts. There are models that you can break down for better storage.


Most 88-key digital piano models allow you to record your performance. You’ll be be able to record while playing and check your evolution from time to time. In case you want to write your own songs, sequencing and recording should be base features for the digital piano, so make sure it has these characteristics incorporated when you purchase it.


Before paying for that 88-key digital piano you have found on the internet, try to verify whether you will be able to connect it to the recording equipment or computer. If it features a USB port, you can connect different audio gear. There are models that also work with flash memory cards. Therefore, you can transfer what you have registered on any mobile device.

These simple tips will help you learn what features to consider when you are searching for the best 88-key digital piano. In this way, you will purchase a quality piano that not only supports your practice but also improves it. A digital piano that allows you to attach different learning tools will help you grow from a beginner into a pro.

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