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A few months ago, I wrote vocal profiles of the Kidz Bop Kids, discussing their ranges, what they excel at, and what they could use work at. Now, at the request of Tomsinger, I’m writing a vocal profile of Johnny Orlando, a 13-year-old singer from Toronto with over 600,000 YouTube subscribers.

Johnny’s Range

In order to get a real sense of what Johnny’s vocal range is, I’d need to meet with him and listen to him sing through his entire range. But with the help a few YouTube videos, I do know that he’s able to sing at least as low as a G3 in “Found My Girl.” From his “Happy” video, I also know that he’s able to stay in a chest-mix at least as high as Ab4 and sing in head voice at least as high as C5.

What Johnny Does Well

Because of autotune, it’s very difficult to be able to tell from the recordings what his strengths and weaknesses are, so I stuck with live performances. One of his major strengths is how well he’s able to stay on pitch while dancing on the stage. It’s an underrated skill worth mentioning. On “Happy,” he also does a great job stylizing his mixed voice, in general getting just the right balance of forward and back resonance and an even vibrato.

What He Could Work On

In the above “Found My Girl” video, Johnny could work on transitioning into his middle voice. He stays in chest voice, and his phonation sounds a little bit pressed and tense on the higher notes. It’s very possible that this could be from nerves (and because he’s so young in the video).

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

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