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Vocal Profiles of the Kidz Bop Kids

I recently got a request from Tomsinger to write vocal profiles of the Kidz Bop kids. Because of the usual autotuning on the Kidz Bop albums, it was tough to decipher what the kids’ natural voices sounded like, so I looked through some videos on their YouTube channels. While I’d need to work with them in person and test their ranges to write a more complete assessment, here’s what I got from the videos.


Ashlynn has a pretty, head-tone dominant voice that probably starts at around G3 (based on the fact that she modifies the F3 in “Wrecking Ball” but sings a G3 in “Soul Sister”) and extends pretty far into head (based on the fact that she’s working with a healthy-sounding head voice). Her belt range extends at least to a C#5 on “Girl on Fire.”

What She Does Well

Ashlynn has great control over her head-mix. Her runs sound comfortable, and she’s able to get plenty of frontal and back resonance. Her voice as it is right now would fit beautifully into the indie pop/singer-songwriter genres.

What She Could Use Work On

Ashlynn’s belt sounds a little shrill and strained after about F#4. She could use some work creating a little more back resonance to get a warmer tone on it and also on lowering her larynx slightly. This is not something that would be very difficult for her if she wanted to develop that part of her voice.


The lowest note I’ve heard Matt hit is the F3 in “Rude,” and the highest belt note I found was the C5 in “Me and My Broken Heart.” The highest falsetto note I found was the D5 in “Jealous.” This range will, of course, probably change as his voice reaches maturity.

What He Does Well

Matt is a talented belter with a lot of control over his voice. He has a great mainstream pop style and a nice, open sound with good vibrato in the areas of his range he’s really comfortable in.

What He Could Use Work On

While Matt’s falsetto is fairly well controlled, he could use some work on strengthening it. He could also work on transitions through his middle voice area. Some of the notes (G4 in particular) in “Pompeii” sound pushed, and when this happens, he loses some of his back resonance and vibrato.



Bredia is the more comfortable belter of the two Kidz Bop girls. She has a tough time hitting the F3 in “Let It Go,” so that’s probably where her range starts. She can at least belt up to an Eb5, the highest note in “Let It Go.”

What She Does Well

Bredia is a good belter. She still gets some openness belting the Eb5 in “Let It Go” and sustains a belt on the song’s high notes. I’m not sure how much tuning went into her “Let It Go” video, but if it’s indicative of what she can normally accomplish, she’s extremely talented.

What She Could Use Work On

Bredia is less comfortable with head tones than Ashlynn is. Her head voice sounds weak and uncontrolled in “All of Me,” and she could work on exhaling through her notes less to help get a little more vocal cord closure. She also sounds a little shoutier on her belt in “All About That Bass” than she does in “Let it Go” and could work on developing a little more back resonance and on not pushing as hard.



Grant can sing at least as low as a B2, as he does in “Thinking Out Loud” and, as of 11 months ago, could belt up to a C5 in “Jar of Hearts.” As with Matt, Grant’s range will most likely change over time as his voice matures.

What He Does Well

Based on the videos I watched, Grant is the most consistent of the singers. He has a soulful voice that rarely goes off. He’s a great belter but also has a strong, well-controlled falsetto.

What He Could Use Work On

He has a hard time animating his voice at the very bottom of his range in “Thinking Out Loud.” It’s just because these low notes aren’t yet where his voice sits comfortably, and this will probably become easier for him as he gets older.

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  1. Thanks! If you had listened to Kidz bop 28, you would have noticed Matt hit an e3 in Ghost by Ella Henderson, and in one of your Hard songs to sing, Break Free, one of the girls (I don’t know who) hits a D6 when handling Ariana’s head notes in the final chorus. Overall, I find my range very much similar to Grant’s, with a more expanded range from choir singing, from an A2( occasionally down to a C2, but rare, and that was when I had a cold), up to G3 in chest voice, using mix up to E4, but can belt up to G4, and head tone going up to C6, due to me imitating Mariah Carey when I was younger. But any note above D5 is best interpreted in falsetto. Also on 29, Matt hits a G2 in GDFR, doubling on the octave vocals. I’m only 12, but for now I’d consider my self a tenor.


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